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Paris…come with me…

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paris join me

paris wait

paris bettina lewin

above photo: Bettina Lewin Photography


The Symbolic Nature of Doors

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doorwayThe simple doorway–an everyday object that goes unnoticed most of the time–is symbolic of a transition between one world and the next. Such a doorway may take different forms, as a dolmen, a torii (traditional Japanese gate), a gateway, but the meaning remains the same.  Both Heaven and Hell lie beyond a doorway, and the threshold of such a place is seen as the place where two worlds meet and sometimes collide. Many rituals involve the initiate stepping through a doorway of some kind.  The visica piscis (the intersection created by two overlapping circles) represents a doorway where the world of spirit enters the world of matter.

The spiritual meaning of a door denotes a passage of communication with the divine.  An open door signifies a message is coming through. A closed door can denote a break in communication.

A door is often depicted as a portal for the righteous to enter. Doors are also signs of deliverance.


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A little Hitch…

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Alfred Hitchcock…
…because he was amazing and this photo proves it…

Girls + Planes

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I might be sticking my head in an engine soon as well…;) Found these fashion photos fascinating. All on Pinterest.

Photography by Elliot Erwitt

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The beauty of Alexander McQueen…

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I was dead…then alive…

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Sublime Generosity

I was dead, then alive.
Weeping, then laughing.

The power of love came into me,
And I became a fierce lion,
Then tender like the evening star.

He said, You’re not mad enough.
You don’t belong in this house.

I went wild and had to be tied up.
He said, Still not wild enough
to stay with us!

I broke through another layer
into joyousness.

He said, It’s not enough.
I died.

He said, You’re a clever little man,
full of fantasy and doubting.

I plucked out my freshers and became a fool.
He said, Now you’re the candle
for this assembly.

But I’m no candle. Look!
I’m scattered smoke.

He said, You’re the sheikh, the guide.
But I’m not a teacher. I have no power.

He said, You already have wings.
I cannot give you wings.

But I wanted his wings.
I felt like some flightless chicken.

Then new events said to me,
Don’t move. A sublime generosity is
coming toward you.

And old love said, Stay with me.

I said, I will.

You are the fountain in the sun’s light.
I am a willow shadow on the ground.
You make my raggedness silky.

The soul at dawn is like darkened water
that slowly begins to say ThankYou, Thank You.

Then at sunset, again, Venus gradually
changes into the moon and then the whole night sky.

This comes of smiling back
at your smile.

The chess master says nothing,
other than moving the silent chess piece.

That I am part of the ploys
of this game makes me
amazingly happy.


IMAGE: Ralph Gibson


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The Story of Dido and Aeneas

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I abandoned your shores, Empress, against my will. ~ Aeneid, Book 6

Aeneas was a Trojan hero who was at the fall of Troy. Devastated and heart-broken, he gathers some of his remaining friends and trusted men and sets sail away from his lost home.  Before long, a massive sea storm assaults his small fleet and Aeneas and his friends Achates are washed onto an African shore near a city being built. The city is Carthage and its Queen is Dido.

Aeneas and his buddy use magic to make themselves invisible (think cloaking device or an invisibility cloak like Harry Potter’s) and steal into the city to check it out.  This Queen they hear of is ambitious and it is apparent in this newly formed city. She is building a gorgeous place, raising temples, supporting small businesses (with major tax cuts), building schools and a gem-filled theater because she knows the arts are important baby! The people are busy…busy and happy and Aeneas and Achates are impressed, but not as impressed as they are when they see Dido herself appear in town with her entourage.  Aeneas sort of stalks her, watches her unfairly when she can’t see him, under the guise of protecting himself. She is radiant in beauty, a generous soul within shines without. She is a woman of commanding strength, for she hides well the pain of tremendous loss.  Her loss of love. She grieves yet for her young husband who has died suddenly, and fiercely passionate as she is she has pledged that:

He who first wedded me took with him when he died,
My right to love:  let him keep it, there, in the tomb, for ever.

“For ever” is a very long time.

Dido is approached by visitors. While the cloaked Aeneas and Achates watch close by, the rest of Aeneas’s men have made it to the city. With reverence they bow before Dido and ask for shelter and the means to repair their storm-shattered ships. They also say that they have lost two of their greatest companions and hope to search for them as well.  Dido is moved by their pleas and welcomes them whole-heartedly.  She understands their loss and will do anything to help, generous as she is, and she also wishes that they find their lost comrades as well. Upon hearing these words Aeneas and Achates decide to reveal themselves:

The words were hardly spoken, when in a flash the cloud-cloak
They wore was shredded and purged away into pure air.
Aeneas was standing there in an aura of brilliant light,
Godlike of face and figure: for Venus herself had breathed

His manhood and a gallant light into his eyes…

dido 1

Aeneas says:  “I am here, before you, the one you look for…”

Now, Dido wasn’t looking for anyone.  She’d given her love to a man in a grave, but seeing Aeneas in all his glorious Venus-blessed embodiment woke up a darkened flame of love within her. Not only does Dido find him physically appealing, but his tales of his war, of his loss, and the stories of the sea enchant her disenchanted heart. She is smitten. Plus, they have a few things in common. They are both royalty…and they have both suffered.

I too have gone through much; like you, have been roughly handled
By fortune, But now at last it has willed me to settle here.
Being acquainted with grief, I am learning to help the unlucky.

Dido gives Aeneas’s men hundreds of cattle, sheep, swine, and the best materials that can be found to rebuild their ships. She privately has dinner with Aeneas, and soon they are “dating.”  She tells him he can stay as long as he wishes. Without meaning to, she has fallen deeply in love. She becomes “a woman wild with passion…” She thinks about him all the time. She cannot sleep. (Can anyone relate to this?)

Aeneas, too, has fallen in the same way. After a day of hunting together, a storm forces the young couple, alone, to seek shelter in a cave. The cave.

dido 2

There, they make love (aka: fuck their brains out) and exchange vows and promises of love.  To Dido, it is like a pledge of marriage.  They experience a luxuriant period of marital bliss and life with each other becomes perfect. Happiness threatens to overwhelm them.

But the Gods have other plans for Aeneas. They haven’t forgotten him. A strong warrior cannot be left to wallow his life away with love and happiness.  He is ordered to return to Italy, to build a new city in his lost homeland.  It is his duty. His fate.

Aeneas is torn between his love for Dido and his duty, but duty, of course, always wins.  And no matter how strong the bugger claims to be, or appears to be, Aeneas is a coward. He plans to sneak away with his men in the middle of the night, leaving Dido behind to just figure it out. (Maybe he’d leave her a note: “Sorry, can’t do this anymore”.  “It’s not you, it’s me.”  “The Gods have ordered it. I have no choice.” He blocks her on Twitter and Instagram. “Block me too, so I won’t be tempted to come back…” etc.)

But Dido has many loyal ears in her house, her city, and the rumor of her lover’s plans reaches her.  She becomes unbalanced with grief, grief so powerful, she wonders what she can do, what she could have done differently, to change his mind.  After her first husband died, she had gone into hibernation; she had buried her heart.  Aeneas, with is love, his kind words, had resurfaced it. He had made her feel alive again in a way that only a lover can do. And now he was burying her heart again.

dido 3

 In her anguish, Dido implores him to stay. And, though we don’t want her to, a regal Queen begs:

By these tears, by the hand you gave me-
They are all I have left, to-day, in my misery – I implore you,
And by our union of hearts, by our marriage hardly begun,
If I have ever helped you at all, if anything
About me pleases you, be sad for our broken home, forego
Your purpose, I beg you, unless it’s too late for prayers of mine!
Because of you, the Libyan tribes and the Nomad chieftains
Hate me, the Tyrians are hostile: because of you I have lost
My old reputation for faithfulness- the one thing that could have made me
Immortal.  Oh, I am dying! To what, my guest, are you leaving me?

None of her pleas moves him. Aeneas gathers his men and even though his heart breaks for her, he leaves her.  But not before Dido slips from her devastation and sorrow and becomes angry.  She curses him. She wishes him ill fortune, bad seas, and endless, and I mean endless misery. (Fucking Royal Bastard!)

She takes the bed they had shared, gathers all his belongings that he hadn’t picked up yet – all the presents she gave him, including a sword,and his clothing – and drags them to courtyard where she builds a bonfire.

Climbing to the top, she takes the sword falls upon it, and dies, knowing that he will see her funeral pyre from his ship as he leaves. (We wish she could have found a way out of this misery. We wish she could have been stronger, but classic literature always knows how to write women fucked up by men.)

Later, in the Aeneid, Aeneas is granted safe passage in the underworld to visit his dead father…While he is there, he see Dido wandering in the woods, a wispy, ghostly figure. He is so filled with pity, and remorse, upon seeing her, he approaches her and begs her forgiveness.

I abandoned your shores, Empress, against my will.

He swears that it wasn’t his will to abandon her but the iron will of the Gods, the heavenly commands that he was powerless to disobey. He speaks tenderly to her spirit, “trying to soften the wild-eyed/Passionate-hearted ghost” who remains “stubborn to his appeal.” Dido must have looked at him long, so beautiful, full of lovely words. But she finally rushes away, (her final “Fuck you”) without saying a word, without forgiving him, “hating him still.”


Text inspiration is from The History of Love by Diane Ackerman

The beautiful images are from the Sasha Waltz production of Purcell’s classic opera Dido & Aeneas
Photos by Sebastian Bolesch

Pina Bausch – performance art…

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creepy 4

Performance art by Pina Bausch, 1977

The green building, the pretty bird, and a house…

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Art by Luis Beltran

Stop dreaming…

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The dark hours of my being…

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I love the dark hours of my being.
My mind deepens into them.

- Rainer Maria Rilke
From The Book of Hours

A Writer’s life is like being on a Ferris-wheel…within a Sherlock episode…

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ferris wheel

A writer’s life, and life in general, is often compared to a roller-coaster ride, but I like to think of it as being on a ferris-wheel. A circle up, a circle down.  On the sweep up, everything is cool, in order, coming together, filled with the anticipation of the top, the peak, the fruition of all the set up, the buckling in, the securing of the gate, to make sure you can safely reach the top and enjoy the ride.

At the top, the view is amazing. We see everything without obstruction. The air is clear, crisp, oxygenating, almost ethereal. We fill our lungs. We feel high, because we literally are.

Now put all this imagery into your job as a writer. We’ve all been on the ferris-wheel of writing. We’ve all been at the top, where we write every day, inspiration comes easily, as easily as your lungs take in that crisp, clean air at the top, and we see our story before us, almost writing itself. Ideas continue to flow. We can’t wait to get back to the computer screen because it’s no longer a blank lifeless page staring at us, but is filled with our words, words we are sure will be the next greatest novel ever to exist. Sometimes the ride stops for a while, to let some other riders board, and we get “stuck” at the top, but it’s not being stuck at all, because we are so high with our writing, our story, our characters who’ve become our friends, our family. We are not “stuck” at all, unless, of course, you’re afraid of heights. Unless, of course, someone next to you starts to panic a bit..

“We can’t stay here forever, right?” this Other voice says.

This Other voice is the procrastinator, the inner critic, and he usually wins.

The ferris-wheel ride continues. We move downward, we slack off. We are not at the top anymore but are creeping down, sometimes slowly…

Slow Descent = playing with websites/blogs more than writing, cleaning closets, watching tv, following 20 people we don’t know on Twitter, taking pics for Instagram…

…and sometimes quicker…

Quick Descent = I have to get off this ride because it’s not good. We listen to the Other voice saying, No one will like it, You are a lousy writer, Why bother, surely it’s been written before. And we think we have to start over.

And starting over gets shoved aside because now we are on the downsweep of the ferris-wheel. We get few circles around. We are bounced briefly up again, but it doesn’t last. Finally…it stops at the bottom. The safety harnesses are unbuckled, the door is unlatched. Time to get the fuck off and let someone else ride.

tumblr_mzkjwsupfp1t1nkcqo1_250Let’s go back to the top – and that Other voice. This “other” you that decided to come along, uninvited, on the ride even though he didn’t want to.  I like to compare this “other” you to the villain in the last episode of BBC’s Sherlock Season 3, Magnussen. He has this control, this power, and it’s source is his words. Only his words. You can listen, take heed, do as he says, and because he has all that power, you believe you have no choice. We discover in the episode all the information Magnussen holds over people to control them, all his “files” are merely stored in his head. His power lies only in what he tells people, how he manipulates them, and his wealth makes it happen. Our inner critic is Magnussen. He’s got nothing however. His “wealth” is our insecurity, our doubt, our lack of believing in ourselves as writers, or in our story, and he uses this doubt well to get what he wants. He takes us off the ride. He brings us down. We descend into his delusions. He tells us again that we are not good enough. “You are nothing,” he says.

And, as he does to Sherlock in the episode, he sets you up so that you go to prison for something you didn’t do. So, my advice: Do what Sherlock did. In the climactic scene Sherlock stands up to him. After all, the Inner Critic/Magnussen admitted all the evidence is in his head. tumblr_n62kuqSp0p1sopacdo1_250Sherlock grabs a gun, even though authorities have arrived to intervene and are yelling at him to step away from the villain so that he can continue to live and steal people’s lives… In one swift move, Sherlock grabs the gun, points and shoots. You can’t believe he had it in him, to kill a guy point blank, but he does. And we have this power too, to kill the inner critic while we are on the upswing, while we are on the top of the writing ferris wheel, before that inner critic has time to get comfortable.

Seems graphically blunt, I know, but I’ll go further. I say, after shooting, throw the fucker off the top and make sure he splats completely.  Nothing left. (Hopefully he didn’t land on anyone…) And then, stay on the ride. Let it sweep down and up continuously, because down is fun too. It’s where we loose our stomachs and giggle and dive in. It’s where we know we are going to be to be swept up once again…

…up where the air is so cool…
where our writing flows no matter what…

What a ride…

Creepy Women of Halloween…

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creepy women of halloween

Ioana Constantinescu, known as Ioana the Bloodthirster, Autumn, 1909, Tinisoara, Romania. Cause of death: suicide by purposely injesting large quantities of her own blood.

creepy women of halloween 2

The antique Fortune Teller….I remember when I was a kid, slipping a dime into one of these machines on the pier in Atlantic City. Her arm would move, and her head would tilt, a strange creepy voice would say something incomprehensible, then a slip of paper would pop out with your “fortune” on it. Enjoy today…for you will be dead tomorrow…

creepy women of halloween 3Creepy yet beautiful art by Acidlullaby…. Too Late for Redemption…

Happy Halloween!!



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creepy 1


creepy 5

Cemetery monuments…

creepy 2

Have a creepy Halloween my dears!

Link: Creepy

Abandoned Places…I can still hear the voices…

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Link: I can still hear the voices…

As I prepared to give myself to my eternal night…

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wedding night

Wedding Night

The dark night softly calls to me and beckons me to bed
With promises like sand grains tinkling through an hourglass
And whispers of sweet nothing upon which to rest my head;
A pillow of oblivion beneath the even grass.

As dusk had drawn its velvet curtain on the world’s unrest
The veil over my eyes was lifted; darkness shone like light
And then a lifetime’s longing rose from deep within my breast
As I prepared to give myself to my eternal night.

How soothing and seductive, these caresses formed of bliss;
The life that once entranced is ravished now by Death’s allure,
For he has breathed into my bosom  with his endless kiss
A shadow of that consummation I cannot abjure.

No more is time my enemy; I’ve put away all pride;
Hence even hope has flown, with all the burden of my cares-
And now with pure abandon will my soul, that joyous bride
Embraced by her Beloved, shed this garment that she wears.


Wedding Night
from Thirteen Black Roses: Gothic Romantic Poetry
by Christopher Courtley

Free iBook on iTunes

Pride and Prejudice…and Zombies…

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The app to have this week!! Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. This interactive book app is very cool, very creepy, and a strange reworking of the classic literary story Jane Austin.


As the story goes, the Bennett girls are not only looking for suitable husbands but are, of course, trained in the fine art of zombie killing in this post zombie-apocalyptic Austin world. Mr. Darcy, as mysterious as ever, is a force to be reckoned with, not just because of his wealth, handsomeness and hot snottiness.

A touch on a certain icon on each page screen opens a cute cutting blood spurt or a reveal of the subject at hand. Music background included.


The app runs well on my iPad mini, but a little sticky on my ancient iPhone 4. All in all a cool Halloween treat for us literary bibliophiles.

Happy Halloween and happy reading!

Welcome to Halloween week…

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We’ve dug ourselves out from under the staircase ready for our favorite time of year here at Wit. Join me each day for some creepy finds to set your flesh chilling… And prep you for the funnest darkest creepiest scariest, children of the night, get the fuck off my porch, day of the year…

This year I think I’ll walk around the neighborhood dressed like this with my black dire-wolf and try to give candy to all the little Halloweenies…

Care to join me?

Image: Loup, by Zdzislaw Beksinski, 2003

Vintage Munster… Yvonne De Carlo…

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As Lily Munster, 1964. TV show, The Munsters


Vintage beauty… Yvonne De Carlo, 1940


Remembering Theresa…

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theresa 2

Happy Birthday Tracy… wherever you are…

Theresa Duncan Oct. 26, 1966 ~ July 10, 2007

theresa 1

She’s the original Wit of the Staircase, the inspiration for my blog way back when, and lover of Halloween, a love we share…

theresa 3

“Well-behaved women seldom make history.”
~Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

All images from Mary Duncan’s blog Memories of Theresa

The Black Notebook…

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My black notebook now begins, and still smells of earth: at one time it was buried in our basement and bloomed with dark-green spots of mould. – Nina Berberova

From The Italics Are Mine

Image: The Wit Continuum

Movie Melancholia…without spoilers…’cause that would suck…

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Melancholia-R1melancholia 2melancholia-3Had to watch this film twice…once to get over the crying, and again to take in all the visually stunning and fascinating leitmotifs along with music to haunt one’s soul.  Not a film for everyone, of course. Kirsten Dunst’s deeply moving portrayal of depression can leave you feeling, well, a bit depressed, yet surreal, as you delve into the psyche of the character, Justine. Charlotte Gainsbourg is brilliant as the ever-helpful sister, Claire, and possibly the character to relate to in her passion to save her family, to know the truth, and to do what we would all ultimately do: panic a bit when you know you are about to die…

Melancholia 2011

Written and directed by Lars von Trier.


The chorus girl…

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American chorus girl, model, and great beauty, Evelyn Nesbit (1884-1967) was seduced by famous architect Stanford White. Later, White was shot and killed by Nesbit’s insane husband, millionaire Harry Thaw, on the roof of Madison Square Garden, which was designed by White.

Yoga and wine…

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Me and Lisa just hanging out… ;)
Great abs due to all the hot yoga and wine consumption…

Dig a little…

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When we ignore ourselves for too long, we become exhausted and weakened from trying to get our own attention. We become disheartened – without a heart.

When we are building a life from scratch,
we must dig a little.

- Julia Cameron




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Autochromes by Alfred Stieglitz, 1907-1917: Mrs Selma Schubart ca 1907. From Retronaut

Loving fall…

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Mums the word…
And all that lovely dead crap…

Images by The Wit Continuum

Fall fashion…

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What I’d wear, if I dared all through October…


And my other favorite color…

Vintage Photography: Black Cats

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Hollywood 1961
Photo by Ralph Crane documenting black cat auditions for Tales of Terror. Found on Pinterest

Black Cats…

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I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat. – Edgar Allen Poe


A man is like a cat; chase him and he will run, sit still and ignore him and he’ll come purring at your feet. – Helen Rowland


When I played in the sandbox, the cat kept covering me up. – Rodney Dangerfield

My Autumn Girls…

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The High Priestess…

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Which Tarot card are you?


Like electricity, magickal energy is pure potential. It does nothing on its own but, when channeled through an intention, it can make miracles happen.
You are unlimited possibility. Between pillars of light and darkness, you abide in the dynamic equilibrium, waiting to be set into motion.

Fascinating and strange secrets of the tarot:


La Papessa in the Visconti-Sfonza Tarot is believed to be a depiction of Sister Manfreda, a nun who was elected Pope be a heretical sect of Lombard. Gertrude Mackley writes:

“Their leader, Guglielma of Bohemia, had died in Milan in 1281. The most enthusiastic of her followers believed that she was the incarnation of the Holy Spirit, sent to inaugurate the new age of the Spirit prophesied by Joachim of Flora. They believed that Guglielma would return to earth on the Feast of Pentecost in the year 1300, and that the male dominated Papacy would then pass away, yielding to a line of female Popes. In preparation for this event they elected Sister Manfreda the first of the Popesses, and several wealthy families of Lombardy provided at great cost the sacred vessels they expected her to use when she said Mass in Rome at the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore. Naturally, the Inquisition exterminated this new sect, and the “Popess” was burned at the stake in the autumn of 1300. Later the Inquisition proceeded against Matteo Visconti, the first Duke of Milan, for his very slight connections with the sect.”


Crowned in a papal tiara she is labeled La Papesse, the Popess, a possible reference to the legend of Pope Joan who disguised herself as a man to be elected Pope. Supposedly she was discovered because she gave birth.

Source: which tarot card are you quiz and Wikipedia

Stunning images of what seems to be a carved pumpkin on the surface of the sun getting ready for Halloween!

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The sun likes October too…

Originally posted on boldcorsicanflame's Blog:


It may be the spookiest the sun has ever looked.

Nasa has revealed these amazing images showing the ‘pumpkin sun’ just in time for Halloween.

The images were taken on October 8th, and blends together two separate wavelengths usually seen in gold and yellow to create the stunning effect.

View original

I do not wish…

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I do not wish to live in a grey area
or a road between the lines
Love must start on the first line
continue on every line…

Deborah Levy

Image: Marion Cotillard


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Image: Joanne Nam for Thinkspace Gallery group show “Fresh”
October 11, 2014


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There is no sun without shadow, and it is essential to know the night. – Albert Camus

Gone Girl….without spoilers…cause that would suck…

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“We’re so cute I want to punch us in the face.” – Amy, Gone Girl

One of the films lighter moment contained this line. Not much “cute” for the rest. A must see if you: like Ben Affleck, which I do, like a mystery, if you like shocking turn of events (oh God, he’s screwed!), if you like sex, did I mention sex?, if you like a bit of gore (Game of Thrones prepared me for the bloody scene, no problemo), if you like being slammed against the wall and the word “cunt.” Twice. I won’t be able to watch Pride and Prejudice again without wonder at Rosamund Pike’s Jane, so sweet…who knew?

Rated R. Long, not for the weary.
Would I watch it again? Maybe.


Feeling…plum and more….

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Touches of beauty…

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He hardly ever spoke of magic….

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They try to say what you are…

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Ambergris Smoke by John Singer SargentThey try to say what you are, spiritual or sexual?
They wonder about Solomon and all his wives.

In the body of the world, they say, there is a soul
and you are that.

But we have ways within each other
that will never be said by anyone.   ~Rumi

Image: Ambergris Smoke by John Singer Sargent

Black and White Photomontages

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Amazing works in black and white…

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Thomas barbey surreal photography - chicquero -  (10)

Thomas Barbèy grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, across the street from the “Caran D’ache” factory, the largest manufacturer of art supplies. He started drawing seriously at the age of 13, using black “encre de Chine” and gouaches for color. His influences were Philippe Druillet, Roger Dean and H.R. Giger. Today, he resides in Las Vegas and travels the world, taking his camera wherever he goes.

Thomas has been a photographer for over twenty years now and prefers to use his old Canon AE1s when he shoots in 35mm or his RB67 when he shoots in medium format. More recently, he has been doing Black and White Photomontages for the sole purpose of doing Fine Art, without working for a specific client.

He has combined several images taken over a period of twenty years to create surreal situations with the help of the enlarger in a dark room. His work has a…

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She is Melusina…

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In the darkness of the forest the young knight could hear the splashing of the fountain long before he could see the glimmer of moonlight reflected on the still surface.  He was about to step forward, longing to dip his head, drink in the coolness, when he caught his breath at the sight of something dark, moving deep in the water.  There was a greenish shadow in the sunken bowl of the fountain, something like a great fish, something like a drowned body.  Then it moved and stood upright and he saw, frighteningly naked: a bathing woman.  Her skin as she rose up, water coursing down her flanks, was even paler than the white marble bowl, her wet hair dark as a shadow.

She is Melusina, the water goddess, and she is found in hidden springs and waterfalls in any forest in Christendom, even in those as far away as Greece.  She bathes in the Moorish fountains too.  They know her by another name in the northern countries, where the lakes are glazed with ice and it crackles when she rises.  A man may love her if he keeps her secret and lets her alone when she wants to bathe, and she may love him in return until he breaks his word, as men always do, and she sweeps him into the deeps, with her fishy tail, and turns his faithless blood to water.

The tragedy of Melusina, whatever language tells it, whatever tune it sings, is that a man will always promise more than he can do to a woman he cannot understand.

excerpt from The White Queen by Philippa Gregory



Take pen in hand and lay out a wish list…

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glass of wine elena ilku

Julia Cameron, in her book The Sound of Paper, tells me, as an exercise in Wishes come true, to try this: Take pen in hand and lay out a wish list…Allow your wishes to be what they are, to range from the minuscule and easily fulfilled to the large and seemingly impossible…

Here’s mine, written by the pool on July 6. 2014

A house on the beach…

Pure, perfect expression of words in my writing, full of imagery and magic…

Enough money to travel the world and live in different countries…a year in Paris, a year in Venice, for example…

An ice-filled glass of Coke…

A menthol cigarette, just one…or two…

A chat over a cup of Earl Grey with Benedict Cumberbatch, just to hear his voice in person…

A part in one episode of Vikings or Game of Thrones or Mad Men…I can be killed off as long as I have a scene with Clive Standon, Kit Harington, or Jon Hamm…

A glass of Kendall Jackson chardonnay…

My published novel in my hand…

The summer to last for six months instead of three…

October to last forever…

Family…ah, to grow successful and famous, if they wish…

My body, to be in perfect health, despite the wine, the Coke, and that one, or two cigarettes…

;) Painting: Glass of Wine by Elena Ilku


Just above the surface…

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Late, by myself, in the boat of myself,

no light and no land anywhere,

cloudcover thick. I try to stay

just above the surface, yet I’m already under

and living within the ocean.



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