Little Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood

          Little Red Riding Hood is the fairy-tale heroine based on the aspect of the red-clothed goddess Diana.  In the tale, the usual trinity of maiden, mother, and grandmother are present.  The Hunter was orginally le Chasseur Maudit, or pagan Lord of the Hunt; while the man-eating She-Wolf or grandmother was a western form of the goddess Kalika.

Red Riding Hood is a story traceable to wolf-clan traditions.  The giveaway details are the red garment, the offering of food to a “grandmother” in the deep woods–a  grandmother who wore a wolf skin–and the cannibalistic motif of devouring and resurrection.  The story’s original victim would not have been the red-clad virgin but the hunter, as Lord of the Hunt.  Like Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood was part of a Virgin-Mother-Crone trinity, wearing the same red garment that Virgin Kali wore; as the red moon of a lunar eclipse she prophesied catastrophe and inspiried much fear.  In Britian, “a red woven hood” was the distinguishing mark of a prophetess or a priestess. 

Source: The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets

Artwork: Mermay 19’s Photostream


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