Twilight Falls


So we finally saw Twilight this past weekend.  I was happy that my experience was without the screaming of teen girls that so many other reviews claimed.  As a matter of fact, there were quite a few guys (along with girlfriends or wives) in attendance, and a peculiar row of tween Asian boys sat in front of us.  I expected hissing or snickering from them during those long, long, long romantic parts but they were quite polite.  I perhaps did more snickering.

The movie starts out intriguing enough – and the music, I must say was great throughout the flick.  Our teen and tween Continuum members reviewed it as this:  12 year old says it was “really, really good”.  She has read books one and two and is now into Eclipse.  Our 14 year old member, who hasn’t read the books, just all the hype prior to the movie release, said it was a bit slow for a while, but got interesting as it went along.  She found wide-eyed Jasper funny to look at.  She wondered where the werewolves were that so many people have been talking about.  Next (oh no) movie dear.

The first hour and a half of Twilight full of trite, half-believable dialog left me flat.  Perhaps I was deflated by the very sad performance by Kristen Stewart who plays Bella, the main character.  Many times in the scenes between Edward and Bella I felt as if I were watching a junior high play (no Academy Awards here, and I wonder what the casting director was thinking with this girl…)  After the long, long, long beginning I began to whisper, “When are the bad guys getting here” with more and more eagerness.  In fact the only piece of believable acting came from the James vampire, who threatens Bella at the end and inflicts some pretty bad damage to her and some mirrors. (By the way, in this movie vampires have reflections – and they can walk in sunlight – go figure.)  The bad guy is taken out much too easily and too swiftly – the climax of this movie takes all but five minutes – might be a movie history record.

I blogged before about reading the Twilight series and my disappointment in the weakness of the main character, her constant damsel-in-distress-rescue-me-ness that I found quite annoying, causing me to skip chapters (I was curious about the end anyway) and the sappiness of all those “forevers” and “only want to be with you” etc.  Same story in the movie.  Bella has little self-respect and not a fraction of self-reliance in the books and well as the movie.  She is so willing to give her entire life, which hasn’t even begun, to this vampire with issues it breaks my heart (or just caused me to sigh heavily during those sappy moments.  Perhaps theaters should supply sickness bags for anyone over 20, just in case.)

In any case, here’s what was good.  The trio of rogue vampires were cool, had too small a part, and were extremely nice eye candy.  A moment in the cafeteria when Bella spills her fruit platter and Edward catches the falling apple with his foot and pops it up into his hands, displaying the Twilight book cover was done well and may have been missed by some fans.  Another great moment is the climb up that 150 or so foot tree and the breathtaking view and great music in the background.  I liked the cameo of the author Stephanie Meyer in one of the diner scenes later in the movie (Stephen King does this too). 

The soundtrack, like I said, was phenomenal.  Reminds me of the so-so movie The Beach, whose soundtrack was fantastic, much better than the movie.  I will probably pick up Twilight’s also.

Oh, and, one last thing – Saw the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince trailer in the previews beforehand.  It possibly was better than the whole  two hours of Twilight.


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  1. I have to say, upon reading this review a few years post Twilight, the movie deserves a bit more credit than I give it here, as a whole. Seeing it second time was not at all painful, and Mr. Continuum actually sat through it…so that says a lot. Still don’t like weak girls in films…but all in all this film was better than the follow-ups.


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