The Heights of Macchu Picchu


“The disputes over who discovered or rediscovered the sacred site have become so contentious they have been living up to the phrase “the fights of Maccho Picchu,” coined by the American writer Daniel Buck in an allusion to a Pablo Neruda Ode,  “Heights of Macchu Picchu.”

Look at me from the depth of the earth,

laborer, weaver, silent shepherd:

tamer of wild llamas like spirit images:

construction worker on a daring scaffold:

waterer of the tears of the Andes:

jeweler with broken fingers:

farmer trembling as you sow:

potter, poured out into your clay:

bring to the cup of this new life

your old buried sorrows. 

                                                                    – Pablo Neruda, from the Heights of Maccho Picchu

This is a place on The Wit Continuum’s must visit list.

Photo: Moises Samen for The New York Times

Article exerpt: NYTimes, The Lost City of the Incas

Any thoughts?

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