Which Way


Which one are you

and who would know.

Which way

would you have come this way.

And what’s behind,

beside, before,

If there are more,

why are there more.

–Robert Creeley

4 Responses to “Which Way”

  1. Fred Simon Says:

    Creeley is my favorite, and Which Way is one of my favorites of his.

    The second line is actually “and who would know.”

    I’ve just finished setting this one to song, now the eighth in my Creeley song cycle.


  2. Fred, thanks for the tip…typeo I totally missed. Setting his works to song sounds fascinating. Best of luck with
    your creative process. Let us know if we can view your songs anywhere (video, etc.). I would be happy to promote!


  3. Belated thanks for the kind wishes!

    I’ve now got twelve Creeley songs finished, enough for an album’s worth, and am starting to assemble singers and musicians for the project. Then comes the hard part … the funding!

    The songs so far:

    Love Comes Quietly
    John’s Song
    Short and Clear
    Which Way
    Old Song
    Oh Mabel
    The Bird


  4. Awesome! Remember, if you post any songs to YouTube I’ll be happy to promote! Best of luck!


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