Viewing “Twilight” Yet Again


Yes, yes…we did it.  Saw Twilight again.  The teen members of The Wit Continuum had one last friend who actually hadn’t seen it yet, so we took her.  (We went to a strange historic cinema in town that’s been refurbished and only shows movies that are just about to hit video for $4 on weekends.)  In any case, seeing it again has not helped the Continuum’s opinion of the film, sorry to say, but we did enjoy getting to see the bad vampires again.  The girls, of course, enjoyed it just as much, but found it funnier for some reason they said.  With the simmering emotions of “dear me, what will happen to helpless Bella” not running through their veins I guess the real soul of the movie comes through.  Too bad there isn’t one.

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On another note….


Last night at The Golden Globe Awards Heath Ledger, yet again receives best supporting actor award for his role in The Dark Night.  We sympathize with his loss (loved Knight’s Tale and 10 Things I Hate About You from a few years back) and know that he will be missed.  But seriously, does anyone really think, talented though he was, that he would have received these awards if he hadn’t died?  My guess is that he wouldn’t have, which is not a criticism of Mr. Ledger, but of these political award show “academies” as it were. 


One Response to “Viewing “Twilight” Yet Again”

  1. Quanta saudadas do meu amor eterno Heath Ledger. Enquanto isso, sua filha está crescendo à semelhança dele. Que Matilda cresça e nunca esqueça de quem seu pai foi. Mas isso terá que ter ajuda de Michele para lembra-la do quanto ele foi querido. Love forever.


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