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To all of us who are Duncan-ologists, that esoteric group who have become obsessive fans of Theresa Duncan’s life and her blog The Wit of the Staircase, and to the other children of the staircase, Mary Duncan, Theresa’s mother has posted on the blog site a memorial film that was played at Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake’s memorial.  With much excitement, we’ve been hopelessly trying to view the film, only to get a black emptiness in the window that opens. 

In any case, it is supposed to feature some footage of a film called “Charlotte Goes Swimming” of which Theresa starred in the lead role. 

We are sincerely hoping the problem with the broadcast of this film finds a solution.  Longing to see the enigmatic personality that her mother, Mary, has promised to show in her honor.


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  1. debbi radford Says:

    I have seen it. It features a very, very young Theresa. I would not have known it was her if not for her mother’s description. There is no audio. Theresa looks incredibly beautiful, but there are no real close-up shots. I cant get to the film when Im at work due to the filters to test it out for you. I found it about 3 weeks ago…..the video is awfully long for having no sound and showing Theresa doing a whole lot of nothing. I did enjoy your graveyard spiral blog.


  2. thewitcontinuum Says:

    Thanks Debbi for the Aanomaly news. I had heard a few weeks ago about this “really good” (sarcasm intended) screenplay and movie in the works. I’m just not sure I want this to happen I guess. I don’t really know why. I guess I have a vision and don’t want someone else to change it. In any case, I will probable see the movie if I can. Will you?
    And I’m glad you liked the Graveyard spiral blog. If you find any other info on the memorial film I’d love to hear. Thanks.


  3. debbi radford Says:

    This is my favorite photo of Theresa:
    And this is one of the other things I have seen regarding the upcoming film:
    I was just able to view the memorial film @: Click on This Film (underlined) right below the picture. It is a Quicktime video. It takes forever to load; like at least 5 minutes, but after that click on the button next to the sound button at the bottom left of the video and it will start. Hope it works for you! Let me know…
    Oh, this is the other thing I find fascinating:
    Bye for now!


  4. thewitcontinuum Says:

    Our interests are similar I see: used your favorite pic of Theresa for her bithday remembrance blog I posted on Oct.26,2008 and loved watching Closet cases:Slice of Bread around the same time. thanks for the help on the memorial film-pathetically I waited and waited with no results. Quick time player required perhaps? (I ask being a B- computer geek). Thanks for the article referral also. Didn’t see that one. as far as Jeremy Blake being gay, I highly doubt it-12 years together, people saying they were in love…but interesting to see anyway. Keep me posted on your finds. Love it!


  5. I left comments on your Tuesday post but something weird happened when I hit send and I doubt you got them. Basically, you need to download Quicktime. Its free. Just google “download quicktime”. You will still have to wait about 5 minutes for the video to load though. That should work, so let me know…I just always wonder about the Jeremy thing because something between the two of them has always seemed off to me. I dont know why I am still thinking about them a year and a half later. I guess I am always searching for a definitive answer as to why she would not tell Jeremy what she was thinking about doing if they were so close. I just cant believe it was all this scientologist crap. Plus, from looking at her and reading her stuff, I think she had a pretty high opinion of herself. I just do not feel she was someone who could be intimidated; if anything, she looks like the intimidator. She sure was a classic beauty; if you do get to see the film, her nose is a perfect work of art. Thanks!


  6. thewitcontinuum Says:

    Debbi, I downloaded Quicktime, thanks again for the info, and finally saw the memorial film. You had mentioned earlier that there was no audio, but when I played it today, there was background music throughout – and an opening voice (Theresa’s?) which says, “May it come. May it come. The time to fall in love with.” Then it moves into the scenes of the movie I assume. It was nice. Her close-ups were exquisite. The film was made in 1991 I believe so she was maybe 25 or so. Thanks again. It was bothering me not to see, as you have already guessed I’m sure. Wanted to mention to you The History of Glamour, the short film that Theresa and Jeremy created in 1998 I believe: hppt://
    And, do you have a blog here and how can I reach it? Thanks!


  7. debbi radford Says:

    No, no blog for me. Too busy reading everyone else’s blogs!

    When I said no audio, I meant no Theresa talking. Near the end she is clearly talking to whomever is filming her and it killed me not to hear her. I heard the music, but would have much preferred to hear her.

    I have seen all their videos. I tried for a long time (in vain) to get a copy of the Chop Suey game.


  8. thewitcontinuum Says:

    A while ago I came across a blog of a fellow Duncanologist who found a copy of Chop Suey (she did a lot of searching). I was thinking of tracking it down too. If I find her I’ll let you know here. It runs on Doss system I think, so dust off the old computer if you have one. Peace…


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