Theresa Duncan Memorial Film 2


The Wit Continuum has finally viewed the Theresa Duncan Memorial Film, with much thanks to Debbi for all her help and info.  The Film shows excerpts of the Wilbur King film I believe is titled “Charlotte Goes Swimming” and features a musical background that creates a haunting, yet lovely, tribute.  Theresa is maybe 25 in the memorial film.  We Duncanologists would have liked to see her visually later in her life, but it was a nice film posted by her mother, a nice dedication.  Theresa looks very sweet in the end, innocent and free, as any mother would like to see her own daughter.

A soft voice in the beginning, which I can only assume is Theresa’s, says: “May it come, may it come, the time we fall in love with.”


Link: Theresa Duncan 1966-2007 Memorial Film

3 Responses to “Theresa Duncan Memorial Film 2”

  1. YEA! I wished they had left some of the audio so I could hear her voice (coming out of her mouth so I know its hers) and then I realized how weird of me that is! I tried researching the “Charlotte Goes Swimming” film, but found nothing. I always assumed her suicide note would somehow come out eventually, but apparently not. Not knowing either one of them, I am surprised to find myself still so interested in finding out more. But, thank you for giving me somewhere safe to express my thoughts/findings.


  2. who would assume that a private note such a suicide note would be published-wanting to know why,I can understand-the note doesn’t tell you that, tells you that she is at peace with her decision, and whatever else it says belongs to the privacy and intimacy of those she addressed.


  3. Panambii Says:

    Thanks for this post, and for your blog, it’s been nearly three years since she disappeared and still, randomly, I think of her. I was living in Brazil when I first heard her story and it captured me, she captured me and now this film…so haunting. It’s a pity David Lynch hasn’t taken an interest in her story, I think he like few others could capture the magic and fear of her universe. If you ever discover where we might find a copy of her films (I’m struck by the imagery of the first half, where her face is framed by crucifixes) please let us know. Merci de la part de tous les enfants de l’esprit d’escalier, elle nous manque.


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