Don’t You Just ‘Luv’ this Clean Coal?

First and foremost, The Wit Continuum would just like to state clearly that she believes there is no such thing as “clean coal”.  THEY may try to sell you this bullshit, but let’s be clear, there are emmissions no matter what they say they can do with it.  From someone who lived in a coal region for some time, I can testify to this.  (Plus, had a sweet grandfather who died from black lung.  He was a coal miner for 26 years.  It was not a nice way to go.)

So after that rant, I move on to some interesting finds thanks to once again I have found two curious places, and one is quite a bit spooky.  Here are some abandoned cities of our world–due to the coal mining industry.  Think of these places if you are a  supporter…


The abandoned town of Centralia, Pennsylvania…

“No list of abandoned cities and deserted town can be complete without some discussion of one of the strangest and most infamous example: Centralia.  This once-thriving town had a mine fire decades ago…but it never went out.   Warning signs that something was still wrong included: smoking highways, heated underwater gas tanks and person-swallowing sink holes.  Over time most of the town’s residents have moved on though a few insist on staying despite the slowly-speading and still-burning fire that creeps below.”


“Another coal-related abandonment is Hashima, one of Japans deserted island.  It was once a thriving coal-mining city with workers crammed into high rises on narrow streets, but a drop in coal production shut it down.  The structures stand, hazardous though they look, and talk of making it a tourist attraction is in the works.  Presently, only boat views are allowed.”

Count this Weburbanist fan out.


POST Update:  Please check out David Dekok’s book on the Centralia mine fire, called Fire Underground at


3 Responses to “Don’t You Just ‘Luv’ this Clean Coal?”

  1. That’s unbelievable, Wit. I had never heard of Hashima. How creepy.

    Sorry about your grandfather. I really am. I miss my grandparents, too. They are all gone now.


  2. I read aout Centralia on the Yahoo home page & found your site… How very interesting. Centralia looked like it was a really Nice town, Kinda Mayberry’ish… What a shame. I have empathy for the folks that don’t want to leave… On the other hand that island in Japan looks more like Alcatraz, and it probably will make a fine tourist attraction… Nice Article.


  3. I found your site with a Google search after watching “The Town that Was” on

    The Centralia story is a very sad one… thank you for writing the article and posting the photos. It is a shame that government did not do more to save the town and the memories and heritage. Instead looking to line their pockets… I hope that the town and it’s former and current fighting residents are not fogotten or forsaken further.


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