The Wondering Continues…


The wondering continues about Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake.  Hope its all right with you Deb, but I’d like to call you my new guest contributor.  Via your insightful links you have me thinking once again.

First, Big Happy Accident’s blog:  I was pretty sure that I read somewhere about Jeremy Blake leaving a note in his wallet with his clothes on Rockaway Beach, but I couldn’t remember where.  Looking back I found, and almost hate to reference this, Nancy Jo Sales article which says that Jeremy “had written on the back of a business card, which he left on the beach along with his clothes, “I am going to join the lovely Theresa.”  Perhaps the writer of Big Happy had some other insight, or I’m thinking that he may have been expressing his own artistic thoughts; the blog is an art blog (quite nice actually).  Still would love to know more about the note – if any of this from Sales article is really true.  Sales, I believe, is linked to that priest the two knew and confided in.  Does this make her claims more substantial?

Incidentally, according to Sales, Theresa’s note said “I love all of you.”  Makes me wonder why she didn’t address this to Jeremy.  I’ve also read somewhere that she said something about being at peace with her decision.  Was any of this made clear anywhere?

Next, Kade’s Korner, please if you go there come back!  Okay–can’t wrap my braincells around Kade’s art or poem.  Is it just me?  Insight please…..

Lisa Chapman has an interesting Detroit based blogspot.  She has a link to Zoetrope All-story, a favorite mag of mine.  The Kate Moss pic I don’t particularly like.  She looks maybe 14 or so, or sometime early in her career.  I don’t know, something about young girls posing in such a way…never mind – I’m ranting. (Teens share the Wit Continuum’s house, you understand.) 

In any case, I wondered “Why Kate Moss?” myself.  Her questionable relationship with that rock-dude (dirt bag?) seemed to fascinate Theresa.  Some artistic, “out-there” vein to it maybe.  I don’t think Theresa would have given two shits to blog about “octo-mom”. 

I find its quite common to be similarly intrigued with one certain conspicuous female figure.  Gee, can you guess who mine is?


Love the links Deb; keep in touch

19 Responses to “The Wondering Continues…”

  1. Its been a bit of time Since I posted that but I believe it came from a news article somewhere i had read about Jeremy. I’ll See if I might be able to dig it up again.


  2. debbi radford Says:

    Hey, you’re back! Cool to connect again. First, the wallet. I don’t have the piece of paper I referred too from that blog here at home, but I could have sworn it said something like “the wallet washed up or ashore” before telling the text on the note. In every single article I read, Jeremy undressed and left his wallet w/ note ontop of his clothes on the beach in a neat pile. Also, if the wallet washed ashore, the liklihood of being able to read a handwritten note is practically nil. Still those words haunt me “it wasnt an accident; I know how to swim”. Chills; I guess to me it sounds like something Theresa would have left behind. Oh, I also read in 2 places his note said he was going to be with the lovely Theresa (and I always wondered why he used the word “the” instead of “my”; hence another consideration of that malcolm’s declaration J was gay) I never read the specifics of Theresa’s note with the exception of reading it said she was at peace with her decision. Ok, I gotta admit I never got the Kate Moss thing either (and I agree regarding that photo; I have 2 teenage sons and one daughter as well). I would not pick that particular photo as the best or favorite one, but who am I to judge. I can not guess who your female figure is since Snow White is not “real” and by the way, she is my daughter’s absolute disney favorite and she dresses like her every Halloween and sometimes in between). I will tell you mine is Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac. I obsessed over her for years (then I had kids and no time to do so). She still is my only female obsession/heroine. I met her twice and got her autograph/photos and she was so luminous, beautiful, generous and I never felt that way meeting anyone else in my life. She hugged me and I felt truly touched. Almost as if she was not of this world. Now, you are required to tell me yours….Happy Weekend!
    p.s. something else that grates on me: in addition to Jeremy, how could she leave Tuesday (the favored dog) behind so easily? And how could a bunch of antihistimes and alcohol kill a healthy woman with a full stomach so quickly? Following the timeline from their lunch together to discovering her dead in very early evening, I could buy she might be unconscious; but cold and dead?
    p.s.s. you can refer to me however you wish, but I am bound to run out of links soon as no new information seems to be surfacing as I certainly anticipated. I am out…


  3. thewitcontinuum Says:

    Well, if you haven’t guessed that the “lovely Theresa” is my female figure – well, there you have it. The other that intrigues me is Edie Sedgewick. Saw Factory Girl months ago, with Sienna Miller cast in the lead. It was quite good, and here and there have been on a collection spree of info on Edie. THere are tons out there!! Andy Warhol and all that… Love your Stevie Nicks story. Love her too. My girls love the song The Edge of 17, proud that they love my some of my old 80s music. Its funny that you should mention her (another one of our celetial links maybe) because I was just wondering where she been all these years. Lindsay tried to make a comeback last summer I think…? Didn’t here much more.
    As far as Theresa’s death, I read it was Tylenol pm with the bourbon, a very strong combo. There is also the question though, another thing I almost hate to put out, but if it wasn’t….okay here I go….if it wasn’t suicide, could she have been injected with something? I’m not sure of the possibility mind you, but…
    Just having a thought – Watched Vicky Christina Barcelona last weekend and Scarlett Johannson playing you-know-who in the film we don’t really want to see made? Uhhh… Maybe Sarcastic Bastard has an opinion…

    Happy to here from Big Happy Accident. Let us know the source if you find it. Would love that. Nice art blog you have there too!

    Now if Kade’s Korner would explain I’d possibly stop wondering…


  4. debbi radford Says:

    Patrick: I would appreciate it if you could find that article. Truly!

    Wit: You know, it never occurred to me it was Theresa! That is cool. She is probably one of the prettiest women without trying; except Stevie, of course. Fleetwood Mac is touring as of March 1st, but tickets are $150 a seat so I have not yet bought one. I prefer to see her alone anyhow. I somehow thought Kade’s Korner was referring to the upcoming movie. I still just dont see how someone who drank every day, and not just a little, wouldnt have built up a huge tolerance. I never read of an autopsy report either. I WANT to read that suicide note, but I suppose that is never going to happen. Something is wrong with me!!!


  5. debbi radford Says:

    OMG! Go check out Kade’s Korner now!
    I did read this Dreamsend blog he/she is referring too. Had to let it go because it made less and less sense. There was another blogger, Poulet, who I also lost along the way. I am not sure what Kade is going for in this article, but I knew you would find his/her quest fascinating because something was actually done about the curiousity! I dont get the last bit of posting all those addresses. What is up with that? Go check it out ASAP!


  6. debbi radford Says:

    Ok, I reread Kade’s post and it makes more sense to me now and I see where he is going with all the addresses. No way to contact him though to ask if DE was able to save his marriage or why Kade is just now dredging this all up again when he seems reluctant to do so. He (I decided to pick one pronoun)says he will post again so I will be watching. I feel sorry for DE though; when I left his blog, he was a real mess and it sounds as if he still has not recovered. I just remembered another Theresa blog I followed for quite some time “Gilding the Lily”. Dont know what happened to that person either. Later….


  7. thewitcontinuum Says:

    Deb, Kade’s article was fascinating to say the least. I had heard of this ‘denial’ of TD’s existence in an article, which must be this DE person. Have never come across this blog. In any case, Kade mentions writing a few more posts about it, so we’ll be checking in I would think. It has left a spooky feeling in me today…but I love this kind of thing mind you. We are truely being haunted.

    By the way Gilding the Lily is here at WordPress and on my blogroll. Have been following her for some time. You’ve got to see the chandelier on her site from March 5. Here’s the link:



  8. Wit,
    The only one I could remotely see playing Theresa is Naomi Watts. At least physically I think she could maybe portray her.

    I still am a bit sick about the whole prospect of a film.


  9. thewitcontinuum Says:

    Yes! Yes! Naomi would be much better than my Scarlett idea. I’m totally with you in the “sick about the whole prospect of a film.” Let’s see if it ever gets made. With this economy, and Hollywood seeking bale-outs…makes me wonder.
    Glad to hear from you again. (loved that black toilet paper blog from a while ago; never got to tell you.)


  10. debbi radford Says:

    I see Kade’s Korner continues on with the same thread, but I won’t be going back there. If there is a point, I don’t get it; nor do I think I want too. Still can’t get to your blog at work anymore; major bummer! Blessings……….


  11. You are not alone on the Kade’s Korner thing, Wit and Debbi. I couldn’t figure out what the hell “Kade” was getting at either (if anything). Something tells me it would be a full-time job to try and figure it out, too. I’ve already got one of those.


  12. debbi radford Says:

    Thank you SB for the validation!


  13. Greetings! It is my blog you are referring to and I can assure you that if you are interested in Theresa Duncan, most of the recent posts and a few to come are not horribly relevant. The articles have primarily to do with some online tricksters and trolls who attached themselves to the story and convinced a blogger they had inside information. Sadly, the entire affair nearly cost the blogger his sanity and his marriage.

    I fear I won’t have much insight into the tragic deaths of the couple themselves, though I think it is worth looking into whether some of these troll types might have been interacting with Duncan toward the end of her life as her blog became more conspiracy focused. The whole Gannon/Gosch affair, the alleged “Project Monarch”, Charles Manson &tc were all topics broached by Duncan and very likely to have gained the attention of the same sorts who targeted the Dream’s End blog. So it is possible that Duncan may have been helped into her own Chapel Perilous from which she was not able to return.

    Whatever the truth, I’m sure Duncan would be honored by your attentions here. And if the film of their lives really does come to fruition, I imagine you’ll have your hands quite full in the coming months.

    However, all that said, there was some confusion evinced here as to a couple of items on my blog that are relevant to Theremy fans. The artwork on the Duncan article is a still from her most famous CD Rom game called “Chop Suey”. The art is by Ian Sevonius and was altered slightly in the actual game to keep it age-appropriate. The lyrics are from David Berman, a friend of JB’s and subject of Blake’s “Sodium Fox”. Berman’s latest album with the “Silver Jews” is thought to have several references to Blake and this song in particular seems to tell the story of the troubled artist. Hope that clears that up. As for the rest…”Eve” and “Shango” and all of that…you miss nothing as Duncan fans by ignoring that material.

    Oh, SB, I love your blog but can’t help but notice a strong similarity to dlisted itself (one of the best, if not THE best and cattiest entertainment blogs on the web.) Do you imitate from flattery or via closer association? Inquiring minds want to know!


  14. Jennifer Rains Says:

    Kade, Thanks so much for clearing it up for us. The artwork…I would not have ever guessed came from the infamous game created by Duncan. I guess I had imagined the game to look differently (it was targeted for young girls right? I don’t get that in the art). But then, I guess with Theresa, nothing was really as it would be expected.



  15. Well, not to speak ill of the dead but the Chop Suey game is odd in many ways. The still I posted was changed in the game so that the nude woman in the martini glass was given a bikini to wear. But still…an odd game. You can find more screenshots in articles such as this one. (hoping html is enabled).

    There is no real plot in the game, which doesn’t bother me but what story there is concerns “Aunt Vera” and her ex-husbands. Not really something that I would imagine would capture the interest of 12-year-old girls. You’ll see some continuity with her “History of Glamour” film, though.

    To understand some of her later posts, it is necessary to understand a bit about the online conspiracy subculture and the people who manipulate that culture for their own ends. That is my primary interest but I have no way of knowing if Duncan was in touch with some of the sorts who find pushing people into paranoid delusions to be a fine source of entertainment. Seems likely to me though, especially given her association with Father Frank Morales. This is one reason I was so disappointed that the Vanity Fair article was written by one of Morales’s lovers (they were “spiritually married” sales Nancy Jo Sales, since Morales already had a wife), eliminating any possibility of an objective assessment of his role in the affair.


  16. debbi radford Says:

    THanks Kade for your explanation and background info. Did Dream’s End marriage survive? I was an avid reader for quite awhile, even though the ARG thing was a turn off. I did feel him going off the deep end and had to pretty much force myself to stop reading the blog way before it ended. Again, Kade, your contribution and clarification of what you are writing about is appreciated. You didnt have too, but you did!!


  17. I’m glad you stopped by my site, (Just under the Surface) and I appreciate the mention & link. I find your blog interesting as well. I post something on Theresa from time to time – I didn’t know her, but her story lingers on my mind and of course the circumstances of her and Jeremy’s deaths are unsettling. L


  18. Jennifer Rains Says:

    Kade, I was thinking along these Frank Morales lines also. With all due respect to the man, he hardly knew how fragile the people were to whom he ranted endlessly about all this “conspiracy” stuff. I read Theresa’s blog article with the interview. Don’t get me wrong, some may have truth to it, but feeding it to them may have, without his knowledge, put T and J over the edge in their paranoia. They’d finally found someone who listened and understood–in some sort of strange way. I’m working on a post now for this week featuring some of the California magazine article written by Laurie Winer that explains a psychologist’s opinion of paranoia and Theresa’s writing. (This article cannot be found online, I have the actual magazine. )
    In another article, the thing that disturbs me, and I can’t find this article again, stated that the reason T and J didn’t attend the fund raiser they organized that was downstairs in their garden was because the two had “shared a vision” that the grill was going to blow up and hurt Theresa. There were others with them upstairs it said, (this is also stated in Sales article) but Morales was not invited and he seemed put off by this, wondering what he’d done to offend them. If this vision story came from one of their friends that were with them that night, it could possibly be true. Perhaps they had lost some trust in Morales for some reason. This is not surprising…they seemed to have lost trust a lot of people.


  19. Belindetta Says:

    The fundraiser story in in the NY mag. article. It’s in their archives.
    All the addresses are Duncan’s NY office and apt. and they did move quite a bit in LA.

    The Florida addresses aren’t hers, but the Michigan ones are. Fries by either mistake or ID theft had the same SSN. So did Loretta Holmes, but she worked at the same temp-agency Duncan did, so that’s probably clerical error.


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