Trick or Treat: the Neurophone

neurophThis bugger sells for $529.oo over at Amazon and is evidently a kind of super-learning device popular with some uber-spirituals I’ve read about.  It’s uses include: relaxation, increased learning potential, increased concentration and focus, and increased audio sensation.  The whole premise of how it works is the disturbing thing. 

Dr. Patrick Flanagen was a child prodigy in electronics, chemistry and physics.  He discovered an entirely new way to transmit sound into the human brain with his invention, the neurophone.

As a teenager Dr. Flanagen “was listed as one of the top scientists in the 1960s.  Among his many inventions was this device called the Neurophone – an electronic instrument that can successfully program suggestions directly through contact with the skin.  When he attempted to patent the device, the government demanded that he prove it worked.  When he did, the National Security Agency confiscated the neurophone.  It took Dr. Flanagen two years of legal battles to get his invention back. 

In using the device, you don’t hear or see a thing: it is applied to the skin, which the doctor claims is the source of special senses.  The skin contains more sensors for heat, touch, pain, vibration, and electrical fields than any other part of the human anatomy.

In one of his tests, Dr. Flanagen conducted two identical seminars for a military audience – one seminar one night and one the next…When the first group proved to be very cool and unwilling to respond, Patrick spent the next day making a special tape to play at the second seminar.  The tape instructed the audience to be extremely warm and responsive and for their hands to become “tingly”.  The tape was played through the neurophone, which was connected to a wire he placed along the ceiling of the room.  There were no speakers, so no sound could be heard, yet the message was successfully transmitted from that wire directly into the brains  of the audience.  They were warm and receptive, their hands tingled and they responded, according to the programming.”  (other responses could not be mentioned in this article.)

It boggles the mind in considering the many manipulative uses this devise could have on unsuspecting people.  How can one be sure it is programmed for what it was purchased for?

Source: The Battle For Your Mind by Dick Sutphen via The Future is Yours

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