The History of Glamour

history_of_glamour_53It is not my intention in any way to reproduce Theresa Duncan’s entire blog, but we loved viewing The History of Glamour and in our search found one of the most enlightening entries of The Wit of the Staircase.  Theresa blogged this on Wednesday, Aug.2, 2006:

titled:  Wit Editor Makes Pedantic History

“Our film The History of Glamour is included in Prentice Hall high school art history text books.  Shout excerpt below:

“Collaborating with animator Jeremy Blake, Duncan created a hybrid ‘pseudo-rockumentary’ that explores the nature of American celebrity…Its heroine, teen singer-songwriter Charles Valentine, from the fictional backwater of Antler, Ohio, storms Manhattan intent on achieving fame and fortune.  But the lyrics of her songs increasingly reflect the emptiness of the cult of celebrity:  ‘I got a call from a magazine yesterday, I think it was called Interview, I said Thursday’s out, but how about never?  Is never good for you?’  In the end, she becomes a reclusive writer, chucking ‘glamour for grammar’.”

“This is required reading in tens of thousands of our nation’s high schools, mon ami.  Who needs children, brothers and sisters of the staircase, when so many are already yours?”

Theresa posted this in Art and Film category.  Her little quote after speaks volumes to me, and her excitement can be felt.  Who wouldn’t want their story or film to be cultural or literary knowledge for our next generation.  This one thing she did made an impact. 

And it is a really great film.  Love the catch at the end.  Tell me if you would like to join me for a glass of Channel No. 5 while we watch the funeral fashion show…

Catch The History of Glamour if you have 30 to 40 minutes to spare.  (Wondering:  Is there a DVD?)


5 Responses to “The History of Glamour”

  1. debbi radford Says:

    Hey Wit:

    Check it out:
    Wondered aloud to SB if Nancy Jo Sales is now Ellis’ publicist???


  2. Jennifer Rains Says:

    Hey Deb, nice to hear from you…
    Seems that from what I read again on the RopeofSilicon movie production site Ellis may be going with the Scientology/Beck connection to our fair couple. Evidently the LA press gropped at straws to connect Beck’s refusal to do Theresa’s Alice Underground film as the reason for her suicide. I sincerely hope I’ve read wrong…and that Ellis has more brains as to look at more sources of their story before deciding on this one.
    Wish there was more info on his movie project, but then it sounds like he is still writing the screen play. I wish he’d blog about it. Boy, would he get imput!!

    By the way… do you like The History of Glamour?

    PS to SB: How’s the puss doing?


  3. debbi radford Says:

    Hey J:
    Loved the Glamour of History; especially the artwork!

    If Ellis focuses on the scientology angle, I fear the film will be a bomb.



  4. “The History of Glamour” is no longer on the above-linked VF page. Is there another site to view (and share!) this gem?


  5. Sorry…it seems that The History of Glamour is off-line, to the great disappointment of us all! I will certain update when I find anything new. Thanks for your appreciation.


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