Theresa and Jeremy in Digital Art


This is a fascinating digital painting done by J.M. Kearns at Idyllopus Press.  With permission from the original photographer, she digitally enhanced the photograph, giving it a distinctive David Hockney-like feel.  I’m not sure of the title, but the link suggests it may be One of a Thousand Maybes, which gives this artwork the hauntingly wonderous feel we share about Theresa and Jeremy’s lives. 

Maybe they were….maybe they thought….maybe they felt….maybe they had been…maybe it was because…..



Later I find this:  A friend of the couple who blogged on My Space about his saddness at their loss (it had been at the time before Jeremy was found and was still only missing).  There are some nice pictures posted-especially the one of the author-friend with Theresa.  (I can’t find his name but the blog may be FuseAction).  We wonder, too, how this person remained a friend with the couple for so long.  He says in his poetic narrative that he knew them when they first met, that they were like a brother and a sister to him.   Mmmmmm….


4 Responses to “Theresa and Jeremy in Digital Art”

  1. The original of that photograph was by Bret Haller – I like that series of photos he took and this remake is cool. Thanks for the link. I think this is their friend:


  2. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    The digital painting is really cool, Jenn. Love it.

    Best to you!


  3. Jennifer Rains Says:

    Thanks for the link, Lisa. I believe you are right-their friend was Blake Robin in the myspace blog picture. I love the Bret Haller photos too.


  4. debbi radford Says:

    I found this just after Jeremy was confirmed dead. It made me so sad!


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