All Those Braided Tresses


“Weaving the Destinies of Man and singing her spells of becoming.” — Circe, the Fate Spinner who sat at her loom.  Homer called her Circe of the Braided Tresses, hinting that she manipulated forces of creation and destruction by the knots and braids in her hair.  She ruled the stars that determined men’s fates.

“Circe of the Braided Tresses, an awful goddess of mortal speech.”  Her braids symbolized her power over metempsychosis;  she stood for the cosmic Cirque, or karmic wheel.


Mother Goddesses like Isis, Cybele, and Kali were said to command the weather by braiding or releasing their hair.  By as late as the 17th century, churchmen said that witches could raise storms, summon demons, and produce all kinds of destruction by binding their hair.  In the Tyrol, it was believed that every thunderstorm was caused by a woman combing and knotting her hair. 


Today, braiding has become as popular as ever, never leaving the sixties hip movement far behind.  Maybe its a fashion statement for some.  Or maybe a matter of convience, to lock away the escaping hair.  Or maybe, we seek to create or destroy the fates of men with our locked tresses.  If I could, I’d braid my hair and make the weather stay beautiful always.  Of course I’d comb it out for the occasional thunderstorm. 


Can’t let this blog go without mentioning Theresa, who made the braiding of her hair a trademark, like Circe, manipulating the forces of creation. 

Source:  Women’s Myths and Secrets

4 Responses to “All Those Braided Tresses”

  1. I love that picture of Theresa. So chic. So stylish.


  2. debbi radford Says:

    J: she is fearless in that photo! looking at her there, I can not believe anyone or anything could drive her to give up her place in this world. love that she could braid and would often braid that hair (I could not even follow web tutorial directions trying to do my daughter’s hair).

    sorry to be a stranger J (“some become strangers” by stevie nicks now come to mind,,,) the IT filters at work were upped again and I cant see your blog there anymore. I try to remember to check it at home, but well, I am so old!

    Your blog is still entertaining, relevant and thoughtful. Someday I hope for resolution regarding Theresa and Jeremy. Sometimes, I feel like it is just on the verge of emerging; and, then, nothing. Hope all is well and and a heartfelt “hey” to our old friend, S. B.!


  3. Jennifer Rains Says:

    Thank you for the compliments. Still trying to find more Theresa and Jeremy movie news. We will be blogging up a storm when that comes about. Nice to here from you and SB. Keeps me going, knowing you’re out there! Peace…


  4. debbi radford Says:

    Hey now! I too am searching on an almost daily basis for any new, relevant JB and TD info. When I find it (not if…), you guys will be the first to know! Blessings…….


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