David Hockney’s iPhone Art


I was astounded this weekend to see this incredible use of new technology, by none other than 71 year old artist, David Hockney who turned his four month old iPhone into tech-culture art.  Amazingly he even sits his high tech canvas on its own easel.  Using input commands on a color screen, Hochney has painted flowers and landscapes.

“I lie in bed and send illustrated art lectures to friends and also my own iPhone paintings,” said Hockney.  “I like to draw flowers by hand on the iPhone and send then out to friends so they get fresh flowers.  And my flowers last!”

Hockney had previously created computer screen art with a stylus and electronic tablet from what I’ve read, so this wasn’t too hard for this incredible talent.  I’m still amazed.  The Wit Continuum is rough when it comes to technology, learning slowly through the years and still ages behind.  This app would probably take me a year to figure out. 

Still….intrigued and impressed.


2 Responses to “David Hockney’s iPhone Art”

  1. I despise cell phones, Jenn, but I have to admit that’s cool.

    Best to you,

    Sarcastic Bastard


  2. Jennifer Rains Says:

    HOw’s this for scary psychic weirdness–I am literally over at YOUR blog trying to leave a comment on today’s Bob Dylan quote, just as you left a comment here! Hope you get my note!
    Totally agree with cell phone overuse–but, like I said, if I could do what Hockney does, I probably would! Peace…


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