Kate Moss Continuum

Hope my Continuum offspring don’t think me too lame or get bored–well if you do then just visit Just Under the Surface or Sarcastic Bastard — but I’m on a Kate Moss kick it seems.  Couldn’t resist posting this one, Kate wearing only  David Yurman.  I’d never seen this ad.


More later…

4 Responses to “Kate Moss Continuum”

  1. What a great billboard! Thanks for the nod, Jenn. I appreciate it very much.

    Love to you,



  2. I second that – thanks! I have to say though I like your posts on Kate….and I think someone should really get you that handbag for your birthday….


  3. Jennifer Rains Says:

    Thanks Lisa…my slump would end immediately with that bag in my hands.
    After reading you post on Rescue me, Mr. Continuum and I have taken up watching it… We especially liked last week’s AA meeting scene. We were drinking a nice bottle of Kendall Jackson Chardonay at the time!! What can I say…It was my birthday!


  4. Cheers to that! No doubt you & Mr. Continuum will both find Rescue Me interesting – cuz it’s seldom boring!


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