July 4th – The fireworks of my uncle…


Another 4th of July already!  The Wit and family will be spending it with uncle who hosts a big shin-dig in the coal banked reaches of northeast pa.  Around 9 pm or so, after we have all heavily drunk of the wild cisterns of glee that are often called coolers, we will sit back and watch uncle don his viking helmut, hike up his pants, toss another cold one and present us with a show, something much like this.  (well, actually not quite this big, but close, mainly because it is so close!).  Not settling for sparklers, uncles asks the tent guy earlier this week “Have anything else?” to which he is discretly escorted to the back of the gentleman’s truck where cases of United We Stand and other such phenominally named boxes can be found, all perfectly legal, of course.  There is a competition in this neighborhood…fireworks can be seen lighting the sky from all directions, leaving us dizzy and aching in the neck by the time we are on our journey home, exhausted, stuffed, and slightly drunk (except for the driver of course!)  Believe me, you haven’t experienced fireworks until some sparks have fallen on you and you at least have a hair or two singed, or as one year, when Mr. Continuum was struck in the chest by a flaming falling firework shell).  

All hazards aside…Hope everyone has a wonderful Independence Day!  Happy Shin-digs! Let freedom ring!  God bless you all!



4 Responses to “July 4th – The fireworks of my uncle…”

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun – except maybe for Mr. C and that stray flaming firework! I can hear the neighbors lighting off some, gonna go check it out. Happy 4th Jenn!



  2. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    Sounds great to me, Jenn. Hope you had a lot of fun.




  3. […] of fireworks has hit the air, and come down precariously close to where we’ll be sitting.  Viking helmet, anyone?  Please remember to eat, drink, and be safe this weekend as we celebrate the […]


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