What Could Have Been…

john kennedy Jr. and Carolyn

I imagine what could have been…had John Kennedy Jr. and his wife Carolyn BessetteKennedy had not died ten years ago today.  Ten years has passed…I remember this day, like my mother and father who remember the day John’s father died before I was born.  And last year, with all the political landscape in turmoil, with Hillary, Obama, and McCain, I had often wondered what it would have been like had this man decided to join the foray… I think we would have been pleasantly surprised.  This possibly would have been his time, or perhaps, 2012, which would make more sense.   A friend of John’s on GMA this morning said that John had been privately preparing for the presidency his entire life.  He never stated that he would run, but somehow we all knew…

Today I remember and honor John Kennedy Jr. and his lovely stylish wife Carolyn Bessette Kennedy.  They would have been smashing in our White House…but only after, I might add, our current incredible pres and first lady had made their exit. 

These were two lives cut way too short.  He was only 39. 

That day, that glorious-weathered Saturday, when the news channels continually ran clips and interviews of John, one stands out for me.  Among all the numerous film clips of John walking down the streets of New York this one is timely:  John is walking and approaches some steps, obviously talking to the too numerous photographers that hounded him daily wherever he went, and from what I’ve read he was always polite to them.  Here we see John suddenly lean down, out of the camera shot.  I’m thinking, what is he doing?  Tying his shoe?  Did he drop something?  The camera finally pulls back and down at John, who is kneeling on a step, petting a cat that was sleeping there. 

Got to love this man.

Peace John and Carolyn…wherever you are…

3 Responses to “What Could Have Been…”

  1. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    Thanks for sharing that, Jenn. I didn’t see that clip. I have been thinking of John and Carolyn, too. Such a shame.

    I hope all is well.

    Love, SB.


  2. debbi radford Says:

    I will never forget that Saturday when I heard the luggage was washing up. So Sad!!! Just looking at John made me happy. My mother always compared me to Caroline. “Caroline is married; why aren’t you”? “Caroline has babies; why not you”? What a huge loss I felt for two people I never knew. Thanks for remembering them.


  3. Jennifer Rains Says:

    I am still not over it. That Saturday with the news all over the TV…I remember seeing his face, before hearing anything, and just saying “Oh No…”


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