Last night…

So I missed the semi-final tennis match with Roger Federrer last night…I was thusly sucked into watching the semi-porn, lewd comment, show that is called the VMA awards on MTV by two teens, to which I had to suppressed the urge to cover the ears of a few times.  I don’t usually blog about this kind of thing…but I witnessed things both extra-ordinary and unimaginable along with the ones I’d like to forget.

lady gaga, fake blood

First off, Lady Gaga’s performance was mind-blowing.  Not since Madonna have I seen uniqueness expressed quite this way.  Gaga’s song was Papparatzzi, and she subsequently went from being worshiped, to being chased, to being down-right massacred on stage (fake blood popped from her chest — my mouth hung open for the remainder of the performance).  The audience audibly gasped and Lady was ultimately carried off stage by her dancers.  She later shows up in her assigned seat in the audience drenched in attire resembling fake blood from head to toe, and she accepted her award thusly dressed.  I’m still in wonder…and have to re-watch it on the web…

Pink’s bungy performance was rare and different…her little pasty over her minimal breast stayed in place throughout her hanging and swinging from several stories above the stage.  Her voice, if it wasn’t dubbed, and I think it wasn’t, sounded great.

The tribute to Michael Jackson to open the show was, to say the least, very cool and worth checking out online if it’s out there.  It featured pro dancers following the routines of Jackson’s videos on stage, while the King of Pop himself danced behind them on a huge screen.  Sister Janet joined in at the end of it, paralleling her brother’s moves.  Awesome…

kanye takes over, poor Taylor

And then we have the moment we’d like to forget,  Kanye West, taking over Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for best female video of the year, only to announce his love for Beyonce’s video, leaving poor Ms. Swift stunned in her beauty.  I felt a tug for her.  Kanye apologized today, of course, for wrecking Taylor’s night, but word is the producers are considering banning him from the next VMAs.  I think it’s time.  This is the third time he’s made an asshole of himself.  Although I respect his talent, I can’t find much in his personality in these formats for admiration.  He goes on to say today that Beyonce’s video, All You Single Ladies I believe he’s referring to, was the best of the decade, and if he just would have kept his lack of respect to himself for just a little longer last night, he would have seen Beyonce get the award for best video of the year…which I think is what he wanted.  Best video of the whole decade?  I’m not too sure.  Best Asshole Award of the decade?  Kanye, you can take this one home.  (this award, by the way comes, with his own picture on it).

4 Responses to “Last night…”

  1. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    I understand your ire about Kanye’s behaviour, but I must say he cracks me up. He thinks he is so great. I just find him funny.

    I will never ever forget him interrupting the 9-11 telethon to say, “George Bush hates black people.” I will be forever grateful, because there is no one I despise more than George W. Bush.

    Love you, SB.


  2. Jennifer Rains Says:

    Hey SB,
    Yea, ya have a point about Kanye…and I sort of think he does this stuff to get all this attention, boost his career…he knows what he’s doing. Madonna once said: bad publicity is better than no publicity. I don’t think K was in one of the star seats last night, so…he made himself one.

    Love, Jenn


  3. Jenn, I read a little about this today… you hit upon all the hilarious and disastrous points so well. We don’t have TV (but we do watch videos) so I didn’t see it… thankfully you gave such a vivid account, I don’t have to! Though that Lady Gaga routine seems like a definite YouTube must-see, lol.

    I felt a bit the same way when my 3 1/2 year old decided he had to see the Simpsons movie. I thought, what the heck. But not five minutes into it, I was debating covering his eyes or just quietly shutting off the electricity. It’s so hard to make that call…

    But with teenagers – even harder. Well, actually by that time, we’re screwed. LOL.

    (thanks for your visit to the Little Writer today… I wrote you a response just in case you don’t keep track of those things!) 🙂


  4. I love lady gaga even more after that performance!! =)
    hope everything is well.


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