Okay, so I’m bored…

Okay people, I’m bored with my blog…so I changed the look…for now.  I’m a Gemini, keep this in mind.

Anyway, I love that October is here and I’m gearing up for Halloween…this wit’s favorite time of year.  I’m gathering and writing some creepy stories for you all that I hope you’ll enjoy for my second annual Halloween week featurettes.  I really enjoy posting last year…a lot of weird stuff to explore.

So I hope you like the new look.  I’ll be changing the header later–perhaps to something for the spookiest time of year.

Ain’t it grand?


as the

Poem: by Charles Bukowski

Nice weekend to all…peace…


6 Responses to “Okay, so I’m bored…”

  1. Lisa Chapman Says:


    It’s a good thing to change the look from time to time so you feel inspired I think!



  2. Jennifer Rains Says:

    Exactly! Thanks.



  3. Love the look of the new layout! I guess change is in the air (I hope you got my email)… I’ve found so much freedom by changing my focus and I can see it’s working it’s magic in your neck of the woods!



  4. halloween, spooky. peace to you to


  5. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    I love Bukowski, man. I also LOVE your new banner.

    I love you, too. The theme of this comment is clearly LOVE.


  6. Jennifer Rains Says:

    When I read Bukowski I sometimes think of you. The same edge in your writing. Are you sure you’re not
    an alcoholic, chain smoking, race-track loving, leery of fame, poetry writing man???

    Happy you’re back on your feet after that bout with flu. Missed you terribly.

    Love ya, Jenn


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