Nip Tuck Tonight…

NipTuckYes, I cannot wait for the new season tonight on FX…cheesy, I know.  But those nice male bare butts, sexual situations, and some “should be on HBO” language keeps me interested on boring nights.  Mr. Continuum left the audience last season when a woman lobbed off her breast with an electric meat cutter in our fair doctors’ reception room.  Botox injected into a baby’s lips for modeling was another tactless teaser with questionable moral value.  But this is what we tune in for, right? 

When last we left our favorite plastic surgeons, Christian Troy, the “never a dry dick” character,  had just married his long time female employee/friend, settling for her former lesbian self because he was diagnosed with cancer and had 6 months, give or take, to live.  She was someone who he could trust to get him through, plus, she’s a nurse so his egotistic self was assured the best care possible.  The last episode, unexpected yet expected, because, really, can they kill the main guy off?–featured Troy finding out from his doctor that his files had been mixed up–he was not dying, and his cancer was completely gone. 

Can’t wait for the repercussions of this marriage dilemma.  Did I say you could call me cheesy????????


One Response to “Nip Tuck Tonight…”

  1. Hey, if I had TV, I’d be watching a show with that kind of storyline! Holy Cats, lol. Kind of reminds me of bugs that fly right into the “pretty green light” only to get zapped and either die happy or stumble off wondering what hit them! 🙂


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