“Wit”icism of the Week

Simple post today…

Usually I find that when someone says “to make a long story short”, they’ve been numbing your brain with their story for over an hour.   (Brain cell pulverization applies here…)


Peace…and nice weekend to all…



  1. Dear sharp-witted n cute Jennifer,
    to make short smthing was originally long takes a long time…
    So that people, as they have no time in this marvellous n so clever ending of civilization (western n eastern ones), they make n tell u long stories…instead short stories…

    I really needed to pitch in with another point of view…so much indeed.

    by Roma

    Pierluigi Pettorosso


  2. My hilarious cousin tells the best stories and she sequeways with “and to make a short story longer” and later in the story, “so, to make a long story even longer….”
    but she is hilarious, has seen things I cannot imagine and I wish when she got wound up that I had a tape recorder going. I think I’m lucky that other, boring type people don’t tell me their stories and tax my add brain. I like your posts, short and fascinating.


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