More blogging…

red-riding-hoodMore blogging…

Still working away on my own collection of fairy tale re-writes. Almost complete….just in time for National Novel Writing Month.  Yes, Mercedes (hey baby lets write a novel together), I’m getting my fingers ready to type…I missed it last year, but in February I joined BIAM-Book In A Month Club and wrote a first draft of Red, Snow, and Sleep, my own fairy tale novel (which my new blog is named after). I had a marvelous time, met some cool people and wrote away.  Ended up with 55,ooo words or so (in 28 days no less!).  It still needs a total re-write, but it is there, complete, in my file and it feels damn good.

And so…next week is Halloween week! My kick off is on Sunday with creepy, enticing, hauntingly heartless posts, hoping to cheer the spooky heart in all of you…if you have one…a spooky heart that is…I’m sure you all have a heart, uh, you know what I mean.  Spent some time and have some posts scheduled for next week already.  I love scheduling ahead.  Mmmmm…can’t seem to do that on Blogger….Wordpress and Blogger each have their perks it seems.  Hope you enjoy next week’s posts, and Halloween, of course, this Wit’s favorite time of year.  Right around the corner.

Personal note: Teens are going as a bat (bat Skelanimal hoodie with makeup) and Werewolf (Team Jacob hoodie that says: Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? She’ll wear a werewolf mask and wolf paw gloves.  I’ll be the human slave driving around a whole pack of wolves and vampire Vulturi from Twilight when all their friends arrive!  Can’t wait!)

I leave you with a writing ‘wit’-icism:  Re-writing takes time, patience, dedication, discipline, sleepless night….a bottle of wine (or two)…basically re-writing sucks!  (except for the wine, of course…)



4 Responses to “More blogging…”

  1. Lisa Chapman Says:

    Hey Jenn,

    After I write this, I’ll head over and check out the new site. Here’s how you schedule posts on blogger. In the new post screen, when you get done with it – click on post options (at bottom) which will bring up boxes (bottom right) for post date and time. Just set them and click publish. I guess I’d better get going and give you something to read on my blog!

    Love, Lis


  2. “Red, Snow, and Sleep” is such a breathtaking title! It sounds absolutely delectable.

    Let’s NaNo our little hearts out!


  3. Jennifer Rains Says:

    Thanks Lis for the blogger tips. I’m getting used to the new set up.
    And can’t wait for NaNo Mercedes! I buddied you last night. Hey Lis, care to join in–write some nasty first draft in November??

    Love ya both, Jenn


  4. Didn’t see this til just now… I will head over this weekend! Trying to get caught up is a bitch… all this working means I am missing out on visiting my favorite blogs! Will see ya over at the new place… (love the idea!!)


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