Life in Utopia…or dystopia…


So, where is your mind at?  Will we ever be heading for a utopian society?  If we are, what in the unfathomable depths of your mind do you think it would be like?

The difference between a utopia and a dystopia bring forth complete opposites. Yet, in our literature we see the idea presented on basic principles of utopia, which there on the page actually creates a dystopia. Utopia ia an ideal world, a perfect political state, a blissful way of life.  Dare we wish it?  All people equal, all cared for, regardless of race, religion, ideology (perhaps we’d all have the same), sexual preferences, moral values.  Plato’s Republic was the first utopian work of literature.  Thomas More wrote UtopiaUtopia,Thomas More in 1516.

Samuel Butler was another literary utopia writer with a work titled strangely, Erewhon. Published in 1872 this title is an anagram of the word “nowhere.”

Utopia literally means “a good place.”
In contrast, dystopia means “a bad place.”  It is the exact opposite of utopia and this unpleasantness is brought forth in one of my high school English classic studies,  the imaginary world of George Orwell’s 1984.  We studied it more as a communistic parallelism.

But a dystopian favorite has to be Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, which shows that utopia is possible…bravenewworld_cover_large

but at what price?



  1. Excellent post and question, Jenn. Once again, faantastic images. The interesting parallel is that we are watching a kind of “utopia gone to hell” movie right now (“The Island”). Talk about the price being sky high. As for me…I think utopia ultimately lies within. But oh, the dystopia to get there! 🙂


  2. The Island is an interesting portrayal of a hopefully never possible future. Liked that movie too. And I agree, “utopia ultimately lies withing”.


  3. The UTOPIA + project venus , could be a double fortification for the future. But we will not achieve our dream while we do not put the government on the street thief!
    The future is full of secret, I was so fond of living in the venus project as utopia, but we support the motion without first zeitgeist.


  4. Utopia will exist after mankind agree on the idea of establishing one world government…


  5. While Utopia is often thought to literally mean ‘good place’, there is an ambiguity involved. Eutopia is actually the literal translation of good place, while Outopia means no place. The ambiguous Utopia makes us question if it is in fact a perfect place, or one that can not be achieved.


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