Vampires…oh, my…


Thought I’d get a jump on Halloween week with curious and creepy artwork called Vampmob by illustrator Richard Wilkinson.  He has quite a nice collection he’s done for books and publications.  View more of his work here.


3 Responses to “Vampires…oh, my…”

  1. spooky. lol.
    Seriously it looks fantastic


  2. It’s sort of too cartoon-y to be scary, but it is interesting.

    Love you, Jenn. Happy Halloween! I’ve got a black kitten named Bela Lugosi so I’m all ready.


  3. Cool! I love it… and so perfect for the season. I finally watched Twilight for the first time… have a whole new appreciation for the vampire thing! Really thought I’d hate it, but it was actually pretty good!


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