Creepy Art by Louise Bourgeois

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Parisian contemporary artist Louise Bourgeois.  What a piece of work she is? 

Photo of Louise: Maplethorpe Gallery


8 thoughts on “Creepy Art by Louise Bourgeois

  1. I’ve seen the creepy spider — Louise was featured on Euromaxx (show from Germany)–hadn’t heard of her until then.



  2. thats what contemporary art is all about. your supposed to think about it and figure out the true meaning of the works. art school would teach you that.


  3. an inspiration for artists, women, the forever young and kids with jerks for parents everywhere. thank you.


  4. Bravo,
    belle oeuvre, elle représente bien la fertilité, l’araignée et ses oeufs, elle se trouve au musée des Beaux Arts de Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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