Novel Writing Update

If your in NaNoWriMo, this may interest you…if not, read it anyway, eye-candy below…

So…I’ve been making awesome progress with NaNoWriMo…seriously hoping this will last. The second week is the great test to keeping up the race…it is why I love writing short stories so much, they are done by that time.

I usually keep a notebook with various notes and a kind of timeline-outline of events when I write a story. This time, for the first time, I’ve created an IDEA BOARD on a poster board that I keep under my desk and pull out when I begin to write–setting it up facing me.  It has worked wonders.

On the left side I’ve glued pics that I nabbed online of my characters, actors that I’d love to see if my book were a movie, or just a likeness of my written character. It helps me visualize… In the right hand corner I’ve glued a pic of the setting (sort of) just so I have the looks of the place in mind.  Multiple settings would require more pics of course.

Then through the middle of the board I’ve hand written What if questions, the character’s name and some ideas as to what will happen to them, what they’ll wear, what they’ll overhear, anything my mind brainstormed as possibilities to put in the story. It is so cool to just look up and see an idea I had last week, written out, reminding me to insert it when the time is right. All these little things hopefully will add up to a convincing and interesting book…with a bit of scare factor in it too!  Just a note on brainstorming: If you haven’t done it–do it!! Just sit and look at your characters and think of what could happen…then write it all down!

I have also written out a soundtrack for the story: If your story were a movie what songs would you choose as the soundtrack for it?  You can also connect the songs to different scenes.  I only have three songs picked so far…all fitting to the story line. What seems to happen to me, what I call my own “synchronicity” factor, is that when I’m in my car I’ll hear a song that just goes with what I’m writing…this always happens, I kid you not.  So take a listen to your radio, randomly, with openness, and the world of writer’s spirit may give you something you can use.

Up to 6311 words as of Tuesday, Nov. 3.  (1667 a day to stay on track).

Here are my a few of my main character pics, all pretty, I know, what can I say…





4 Responses to “Novel Writing Update”

  1. Lisa Chapman Says:

    Thanks Jenn for sharing all your cool ideas! I appreciate it. I’ll have to give it a try. I’m glad you’re enjoying the writing process and the story as it unfolds. I listened to your music you mentioned yesterday and I had heard a few songs before but never knew who the artist was–I liked it.

    Love, Lis


  2. Jenn, that sounds fabulous! I’m sort of stalled on my writing project right now, and this sounds like a really cool way to jump start the process. Big congrats btw!! You are awesome!


  3. p.s. I’ve changed my log-in name to reflect my blog title… Since I’ve started this new job, time to blog/ comment has been tough… right now, just so ya know, I’m going to shoot for once a week on all my favorite bloggies (you being one of them!). So if you don’t hear from me for just a bit here or there, it’s because I’m either working my ass off or peeling spaghetti off the ceiling, or generally going insane… LOL.

    ~April Belle


  4. Congratulations on your fantastic progress! You know, I have never figured out pictures for my characters before, but that is a really wonderful idea! Perhaps that is just what I need to do in order to kick start my own stalling progress. And really, I just want to check out more eye candy.

    Inspiring, as always.


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