Novel Writing Update…

bignanowrimo1Yes, I am still going full force with the novel for National Novel Writing Month. Have written about 19,000 words so far and am pushing forward. It has been a blast I must say. This story brewed in me since the summer, when I jotted out a few notes and did some character profiling. Now I am outlining a bit ahead as I go along, with a very, extremely general outline on my story board, and outline that can go any which way with the story or the character’s choice…we all know what those characters with minds of their own can do…or not do. This is fantastic for me in that sometimes when I completely work out a story the thrill of it just goes flat, like a deflated balloon. Then I loose the desire to sit down and type anything out. Tell me if this sounds familiar to you writers out there.

In any case, as part of my story board process that I mentioned earlier, I’ve created a soundtrack for my novel–like if it was a movie, what songs would I love to see in it. Except for a few songs, I haven’t picked scenes for them yet, but I just know from the feel and emotion of the songs, and from some of the lyrics, that they enhance the story line. Thought I’d share my soundtrack, a sort of playlist, if you will…

My Immortal  by Evanescence
Nothing Like Tomorrow  by Supreme Beings of Leisure
How Soon is Now?  by The Smiths
Good Enough  by Evanescence
Bring Me to Life   by Evanescence
Never Let me Down Again  by Depeche Mode
Stand or Fall   by The Fixx
Enjoy the Silence  by Depeche Mode
Goodnight   by Evanescence

3 Responses to “Novel Writing Update…”

  1. I am a HUGE Smiths/Morrissey fan. Great soundtrack!




  2. Lisa Chapman Says:


    I think you have a really good idea–using a self developed soundtrack to help flesh out a story. It really does help if you can visualize at least some scenes your character will be moving around in doesn’t it? I’m glad you’re enjoying your story and finding cool ways to keep yourself engaged in it!

    Love, Lis


  3. Great, amazing playlist! Very curious about your writing project… sounds like it will be powerful. I haven’t experimented too much with music… this makes me rethink that. I know the time or two I tried it, I definitely felt my writing shifting. Very cool. Thanks Jenn!


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