Nip Tuck scene rings a bell…

211229__tuck_lLast night on Nip Tuck, my guilty pleasure in TV world, Dr. Sean, for the second time this season tries to off himself…this time in such a way that I found myself sitting there with my mouth open…not because I was shocked (which is usually the case with some of this show) but because one of the writers of the show has been no doubt  scouring the news or blogging scene…or it could be just coincidence…or it would be my own wit’s end crazy parallel conclusion…but this was the scene. 

After dumping his dead wife’s ashes (a whole other long, creepy story) in garbage can on a beach in California, our dear doctor looks out at the ocean for a while on this sunny evening. Then he slowly takes off his clothes, neatly folding each piece, suit jacket, pants, shirt, underwear, and places them on the life guard bench, his shoes, lastly, on top of it all, and walks naked into the sea, plunging in and swimming out, out, out…

The scene ends…

So my brain quickly makes the connection with Jeremy Blake’s suicide, for those who haven’t guessed what I was getting to. Call my crazy, but if anything, the writers of the TandJ movie might be a little pissed…I know I would be.

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  1. Strangely, I always think of the movie Coming Home first. I guess because that movie had such an influence on my life and political beliefs.

    That is too weird.


  2. Jennifer Rains Says:

    Haven’t seen Coming Home. It was just my thought when I saw the scene. I know not many people will get that.


  3. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    Boy, you are sure getting some gem commenters of late, Jenn. Lucky you!

    You can make a point without being rude, Gary. Actually, it would be better received if you weren’t rude.


  4. Jennifer Rains Says:

    I agree SB,
    Gary got his ass deleted today…I’m tired of it. You know my blog is my own, and I’m not dedicating every breathing moment to blogging about Theresa, or about something she would have blogged about! I have my own interests, which include some TV and, god forbid, Nip Tuck. Yea, bfd!
    He says he doesn’t spend much time here, yet here he is again wasting my time, and yours, having to read all his crap. What’s more, I was unable to get to monitor my blog this weekend, so I’m frustrated this stayed up for two days. Thanks for the support, as always.

    love, Jenn


  5. this blog is called wit continuum in reference to the big bad wit, of whcih you fall far short.
    You only want mutual admiration type responses, talking about how great this lame thing is and that.
    But some one calling you on your shit, makes you run.

    you just keep giving everyone the false idea that you are of Theresa Duncan
    not even close, you’re no different from Kate Coe or Nancy Jo Sales
    you lack authenticity

    hit send and delete

    the wit cuntinuum
    is more like it


  6. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    Fuck off, asshole. Your use of the word cunt illustrates that you are a misogynistic bastard (probably with a prick the size of my pinky). I don’t believe you knew Theresa Duncan at all. I think you have mental issues.

    Very sincerely,

    Sarcastic Bastard


  7. I was just having this discussion yesterday with some of my friends. There are small, hateful people in the world, and the things that they say can be demoralizing. But there are many more wonderful, supportive people who care about what you have to say, and appreciate the beauty and honesty in your words. Toss the negative aside and focus on the beautiful. The good far outweighs its counterpart. You have goals, and you have talent. Never forget how much support you have.

    Shall I do my awkward “Kick ’em in the face” cheer again? 😉


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