An Artistic Feminine Force

Cocktail Hour by Lori EarleyIn her October gallery show Laments and Lullabies, artist Lori Earley showed her latest surrealist figurative artwork. Being an artist who love to draw la femme faces and figures, I cannot help but be drawn to Lori’s work which I found in Hi Fructose Magazine.

Drained by Lori Earley

“While her femme fatale portraits mature in style and intensity, they retain her signature ethereal quality that embodies an undeniably feminine force.”  –from


“My work is a fusion of personal experiences and influences – moody atmospheres, victorian-inspired couture, and timeless elements all laced with clandestine symbolism. The figures I paint exist in their own esoteric realm and time, and each painting offers a glimpse into their anomalous world.” – Lori Earley, Artist statement


The Drought  by Lori Earley

4 Responses to “An Artistic Feminine Force”

  1. I love her work. Thanks for the tip.

    I love you, too. Hope you have a great weekend, Jenn!



  2. this is a good collection of works.
    She certainly is talented


  3. What mouthwatering pictures! I’m certainly going to check out her work.


  4. plainpainkillerjane Says:

    there’s an inner anorexic waif in every artist. what a change of the times- renaissance worshiped the voluptuous. each to their own androgenous olsen twin…or mia kirscher. still, the appeal isn’t totally lost on me. the anime angelina [jolie] of the gothic world. and still the ever pressed question ‘but is it art?’


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