Writing Days…

Another update on NaNoWriMo.
Wrote 4613 words yesterday for new manuscript total of 40,271 words. I forget how many double-spaces pages that adds up to, 136, or something of the like.

I am aflame for this story and still afraid that it will die out, cool off, or burn up as soon as December hits and I no longer have the goal in my mind. There is something about keeping up with it, living up to doing what is set, in public, that keeps me going.  Why can’t I do this myself? Why can’t I set a goal, and do it, without the outside help? Discipline, I guess. But I have hope that I can keep going with it when the month ends next week. Only seven more days to go. The 50,000 words is no longer the goal for me. I know the story is going to take more than that, so to finish it is my newer goal.

Then I check in with some of the forum updates on NaNo website, I see some people loaded with words, some have reached the goal already, which is outstanding. Then there are those who post that they just can’t get anything going.  I’ve been there.  One guy commented that he keeps going over what he’s written and changing that so he never get ahead in his word count.  Everyone is telling him, “it’s a first draft, write some shit.” Some writers find this harder than others, I guess. After my trauma deleting surgery, I won’t look back at all, except if I see those red highlighted misspellings in the word program. I might stop and fix them, just to feel clean…ya know… 

Mainly focused on getting the words out, since each scene is sort of writing itself.  This time, I outlined as I went along, not bothering to outline the whole thing first, which I’ve come to believe totally hinders the process, but having a short path ahead is helpful, and leaving off, knowing where your going to start the next day has been key for me.  With this one, I haven’t jumped ahead to write scenes that I know are for the future; instead I’ve hand written them down in a brief account, with my note in the working outline of where I think it will go. I say “think” because half the time a scene will lead right into one that I thought would come in another storyline time.  This is the creative flow people! 

I’m loving the process for my sort-of first time out. I did do a novel in one month with Book In A Month website, which doesn’t give you an account like NaNo, but you keep in touch with some other writers doing the process also.  It went well, but the story, and the creative flow were not as good.

So this nano writer is having a good time. Hope it helps others to keep on the track, even if the goal is somewhere out there…just set another lower one and go on…that’s what we’re here for. Mind you, I may reach the goal, but it could be all just crap, right?

Here’s to writing shitty first drafts and eating turkey until we’re stuffed this week!



4 Responses to “Writing Days…”

  1. Wishing you luck in reaching your goal. Even if you don’t, you surely have a good start on a project to keep working on.


  2. Jennifer Rains Says:

    Thanks for stopping in and the encouragement. I checked out your blog and it’s really interesting. Will be visiting you again and again. Always nice to find fellow writers.


  3. Great update and rock on, sister! I totally admire your verve and passion. Might be it inspired me just a tad, too. 🙂

    And I love the idea of not having to have every little scene mapped out. I think that has killed more projects for me… Clearly I need some direction… but dang. The short (and I mean screaming short) story I posted on my bloggie this morning came from a thought. And as I wrote, it sort of shaped itself.

    Mind you, I don’t have a lot of experience going with the writing flow… haven’t trusted myself enough to do that. Could be I will start to do so though. My little Virgo mind might be letting go of its death grip and need for outlines (that go nowhere! ugh.).

    Wow… writing might be a lot more fun than I’ve made it. There’s a wild thought.


  4. Jennifer Rains Says:

    There’s nothing like this writing flow, let me tell you. But I sincerely have had it with only a few of my stories. Some just won’t get there, and I’m not sure why. I firmly believe you have to love the characters you build, or else you don’t really give a crap what happens, and the story, well, you know, just falls out from there. If you find one you love, trust yourself, and dig into it. And try to have some alone time to do it, if you can. It works wonders.
    Thanks for comments.


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