Sad About Britt

           Saddened today to hear about Brittany Murphy, a little actress I’ve liked for a couple of years now. She was so cute, talented with natural humor, and she had an interesting voice.  I love this little movie she did with Ashton Kutcher a few years ago called Just Married, in which the recently wed couple venture on a honeymoon in Europe in which everything that can possibly goes wrong does, thus testing their newly married love to its limits.  Add to that an obsessive ex-boyfriend and her rich family who doesn’t approve of the “Pol-lack” she’s married and you get quite a funny picture.  Maybe not deep, my friends, but good for a laugh. 
          She was only 32 years old, and the talk about is that drugs, anorexia or something of that nature may have caused this young actress’s heart to fail while she took a shower yesterday.  We may never know…

But Brittany will be missed here.


Any thoughts?

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