To a new year…

“What I have to say,” Miss Nin writes, “is really distinct from the artist and art.  It is the woman who has to speak. And it is not only the woman Anais who has to speak, but I who have to speak for many woman.  As I discover myself, I feel I am merely one of many, a symbol.   I begin to understand women of yesterday and today.  The mute ones of the past, the inarticulate, who took refuge behind wordless intuitions, and the women of today, all action, and copies of men.   And I, in between….”   –from The Diary of Anais Nin 1931-1934, introduction

             Here’s to a new year, with new steps, fresh ideas, profound words, dynamic discoveries, enlightening quests, moving thoughts, changes for the better, and freedom of spirit.  And may all nasty commentors find their true place in this blogging world: the spam que. 

Happy New Year

3 Responses to “To a new year…”

  1. Cheers to everything you said Jenn – Happy New Year!!

    Love, Lis

    P.S. Have you ever read Nin’s “Four chambered heart”? I haven’t read it in years but found it interesting.


  2. Thank you for the well wishes, Jenn! I think your New Year’s vibe is working – I came up with a new novel idea that I think (crossing fingers) I might actually be willing to see to the end!

    Wishing you equal felicitations and happy journeys! Now I’m off to the Moonlight Quill!


  3. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    Happy New Year, Jenn!

    Love, SB.


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