New Year’s Weekend

Well, the new year has started…well, I should say, with only a little bit of drama…but we’ll get by. 

The drama I mention is (and feel free to laugh) by sorry ass trying to download the Sims3 game for by two teen darlings. Seems my old Compaq, though upgraded nicely with a 1G memory boost is still lame when it comes to these latest games…but I love the thing, XP sp3 and all. So when the game nearly set my computer on fire with the heat it produced after running for 4 hours straight (mind you this was during all the fantastic bowl games on Saturday, a distraction I did not need!) it took a while to shut down. And the next day, the game said (well, wrote on screen) that I now had some video card problem and it could not launch the game.  This, after it played for 4 toasty hours the day before. I checked with my computer wiz nephew and he gave some advice, which I am still working on…otherwise it is good-bye to 50 bucks and the Sims3.

I’ve set my mind to read a book a week this year. Mercedes mentioned this too, so here’s to all the literature we may or may not consume this year. It is a challenge, but a good one, I should say.  If you have any awesome must reads, let me know.  (The books like War and Peace I may have to give myself ten days for…ha, ha.  Let’s be reasonable.)  Currently I am reading Read Like a Writer by Francine Prose.  Figured, I mind as well start there, learning how to read again, and then jump into some lit.  I have a little stack started already…

Joined Illustration Friday, a site that you upload a drawing using the prompt word for inspiration.  These will be posted, along with some of my other drawing on Moonlight Illustration.  Here’s my drawing for this week’s word: RENEWAL

A final note:

Well, we finally saw New Moon.  What can I say?  Was it better than Twilight? Worse?  About the same?  The first hour Mr. C and I were totally bored.  Edward, the love-interest vampire, only smiled for a few seconds before adorning his face with that scowl that is sure to make the actor old in about 10 years…hopefully they’ll be done filming the rest of this series before that happens.  We were happy when the werewolves made an appearance.(Finally…like I said during the first movie-when are the bad guys getting here? waiting for some action, and yes, I know, the werewolves aren’t the bad guys)..and the creepy Vulturi vampires were slightly fascinating–all 20 minutes of them.  Then we were back to more lovey-dovey whining.  All in all, I’m glad I saw the latest…but think I’ll wait for DVD for next one. 

More posts on the way…


2 Responses to “New Year’s Weekend”

  1. renewal, i like it.
    perfect for a start to the new year


  2. Lisa Chapman Says:

    I’ll have to look through my books and give you a good suggestion Jenn. I like the drawing too. I hear ya on the computer thing–I bought a cooling pad that just lays under & plugs (USB) into the machine and it really helps keep it cool. I bought it at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $20 but I’m sure you could find them @ Target, Wal-Mart etc……it’s worth it.

    Love, Lis


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