Illustration Friday on Monday

The word prompt for this week on Illustration Friday is confined.  I like to wait for the word to come up on Friday. This gives me the weekend to mull it over, sketch out a couple ideas, or write some ideas out.

The word confined had me thinking; first of a cage, something caged – birds, of course, was the first image that came to mind.  A cute bird, I pictured, confined to a cage, a pretty cage perhaps, but confinement just the same.

Then I drew a person in the cage, without the bird, holding on to the bars…waiting…
            for what?
            for whom?
            for what event to happen?

Then I considered:  Who put this person in the cage?  For what reason?   Why is she not free?

The bars….they also keep this person confined…What are those bars made of?

Which led me to this drawing….
                     What Confines Us?

You may have your own list.  “Time” was one I’d thought of later…or “lack of time.”  “Perfection”, as suggested by my daughter, was another.  Again, it’s all subjective.

Link: Moonlight Illustration

3 Responses to “Illustration Friday on Monday”

  1. this is very smart what you’ve done.
    ourselves at the top. lol.
    true though


  2. Wow, this little sketch has quite the impact. I’m surprised you have the patience for multiple sketches. I can do multiple drafts, but not when I’m drawing >.<


  3. Lisa Chapman Says:


    I can’t begin to tell you how this spoke to me today. Aspects of how the idea developed for you, connected with my own thoughts. Synchronicity strikes again.

    Love, Lis


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