The Diary of Anais Nin, Volume Five

I’ve taken to reading Anais Nin’s Diary series, one book at a time, and a bit out of order it seems.  After finishing Volume One (1931-1934) last year, jumped to Volume Five, the last of her published diary from 1947 – 1955.  Nin was a master of diary writing, taking a notebook with her wherever she went and recording events in her life, starting at the soft age of 11.  In this Volume, Nin shares how her life is without roots, without a home-town, and instead we find her home the world of her travels and visions, from Acapulco and its languorous beauty, to San Francisco, to New York, which she finds chiseled and toxic, and her revisit to Paris.  It it amazing how she often attracts talented and creative people in her life.  Through all her anguish and happiness I find a woman who knew how to experience life and who, as a writer, could describe it with indelible clarity and wonder.  Here is a piece from Summer 1953:

New York.

A martini makes an ordinary glass shine like a diamond at a coronation, makes an iron bed in Mexico seem like the feather bed of a sultan, a hotel room like the terminus and climax of all voyages, the pinnacle of contentment, the place of repose in an altitude hungered for by all the restless ones.

Create space and order in the house.  It is very important.  It is like the empty room of the Japanese, ideal for the gestations of the imagination and inner visions. Uncluttered. Our clutter interferes with freedom of thought. Air and lightness.

Costume in New York is a white wool coat, a white dress, a white hat with two slim abstract birds in flight. A painter asked me: “Aren’t you afraid the birds will fly away?”

“No, I always fly off first and they follow me.”

Parties.  Exhibitions.

You dream of the evening and of what it will bring at twilight, it is the hour I love best and which always saddens me. You cease the day’s efforts, you recline, you bathe, you dress for some event. I love bridges best of all, planes, taxis, the diaries, the hour of dress, the in-between hours, the only moment when I exist alone.

Volume Five concludes with Anais Nin’s description of her controlled experiment with LSD, which for her reaffirmed in her mind the quality of her creativity in writing and questioned whether one needs drugs to find a heightened awareness of vision and dreams.  You can read this experience from the diary in Anais Nin’s Doors of Perception in this blog’s pages. (See header.)

Another thing I absolutely love about Anais is the fact that when American publishers declined on her work, she bought her own press and published her own books.  Under the Glass Bell was one book, which ended up getting such high praise her books eventually won publication from the very publishers who had refused her.  This gives hope to me and all other writers who are considering self publication.

More on Anais Nin at a later date…


4 Responses to “The Diary of Anais Nin, Volume Five”

  1. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    I don’t know much about her, but she does sound interesting.

    Love you.


  2. Anais Nin is another fave of mine, she uses words so carefully. A lot of her actual life was left out of the diaries, but she was quite a myth-maker and character.


  3. I love her diaries they are so beautifully written! I have highlighted just about every page in them haha. I loved this quote from the first journal and was just about to write a blog on some of her quotes when I of course checked your web-site as I do regularly and found your post on her! Life is funny like that I suppose! Anyways, thank you for your blog, I love it!

    One of the many quotes I love…
    “Do not wait for love. Create a world, your world. Alone. Stand alone. Create. And then the love will come to you, then it pursues you. It was only when I followed my heart..that the world I wanted to live in opened up to me.”
    –Anais Nin Journals1931-1934

    Also, I’d be curious to know have you read any Henry Miller? It’s on my long list of to dos haha!


  4. Henry, for all his in-your-face talent, doesn’t begin to touch A.N. Love the quote above.


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