The end came easy for most of us…

The Man from Washington

by James Welch

The end came easy for most of us.
Packed away in our crude beginnings
in some far corner of a flat world,
we didn’t expect much more
than firewood and buffalo robes
to keep us warm.  The man came down,
a slouching dwarf with rainwater eyes,
and spoke to us.   He promised
that life would go on as usual,
that treaties would be signed, and everyone–
man, woman and child–would be inoculated
against a world in which we had no part,
a world of money, promise and disease.

Last night our country’s legislation took a historic step…but I question what this exactly means.  Of course I want health care for everyone and am appalled at an insurance system gone a muck with greed……..but what have we sacrificed to get this?   Have we agreed to take the first steps to socialized medicine in our country and if so, is this the first step to a socialist form of government?    What should we give to government to take over next?

Photo sources: Washington by Dennevis at deviantART
Question Mark   by Soffe at deviantART


3 Responses to “The end came easy for most of us…”

  1. “is this the first step to a socialist form of government?”
    I don’t believe the question is legitimate. Government exists to fulfill certain responsibilities in society. Those responsibilities shift over time. A look around the world clearly proves that today countries that offer public health care spend a lower % of GNP for better care for more people. Did public schools make the US “socialist”? Are public libraries a threat to democracy, just because they’re public? Are there still private schools and libraries, despite the fact that the government assures a public option for education?? Of course. This silliness over “socialism” is a red herring, an insurance lobby sound-byte to diver attention from the real debate.


  2. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    Personally, I think socialized medicine is great. I am thrilled!

    The word socialist scares so many people. We were socialized as a country before this anyway, with the welfare and retirement aspects.

    Kurt Vonnegut (my idol) said he was a socialist, and so am I.

    About damn time, I say.

    Love you.


  3. Lisa Chapman Says:

    Love this piece and I agree totally. The more government control, the less Democratic we become. Keep giving up your rights and one day you will have lost much and it will be tough regaining it. I do agree we need some changes (pre-existing conditions, etc.) but total government control is not the answer. If socialized medicine is so great, how come Canadians come here to get treated? We are being told that all the $ that we paid into Social Security is nearly gone and cannot be replaced and yet somehow they believe we will have the money for this program?! Also, if you don’t purchase health insurance you will be fined…does that sound like a free country? The more people find out about the particulars of this bill, I think they will change their tune.


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