“Clash” this Weekend

So we took in Clash of the Titan this weekend, the 2010 remake of that 1981 cult classic, although I can hardly call this one a remake.  It had quite a bit of originality in the script to make it stand on its own.  Of course, you have to like a lot of “clash”ing for there are a tremendous amount of battle scenes.  Perseus, played by Sam Worthington (Avatar), does well as the young hero, a demi-god, who rejects this new found knowledge and decides to win this battle as a mere mortal man.  The movies does follow the original premise, the journey to the Three Blind Witches who prophesy, the visit into the depths of hell across the river Styx to visit Medusa (my favorite part) and see if she donate her deadly head to the cause.  This scene could have been, dare I say it, a little bit longer, with a bit more prolonged suspense before Perseus achieves his goal…or perhaps because I knew the story it wasn’t as scary to me as I would have liked.  In any case, it was two hours of non-stop entertainment.

Thumbs up from the entire Continuum family, including one teen who did not even want to see it.  That says something I think.   If I could critique one thing that the writers changed that us women will miss is the lack of  love story…Perseus doesn’t even know who Andromeda is before going on this quest to save her; instead he agrees to seek revenge…This I missed…the quest to save one’s love…the root of all heroic classic adventure tales. (some may argue that Io fits the bill here for the romance, but it wasn’t quite the same).

The movie leaves a grand opening for future flicks, a series in thought, but I don’t see this happening.  Hades will be back…but I don’t think we were scared enough to care.  But this one is worth a look if you are into action/adventure/heroic battle fantasy.


2 Responses to ““Clash” this Weekend”

  1. i really have to see this film


  2. If you catch this film send along a review.


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