My Top Songs

I was ruminating about my top songs of all time…it was hard to narrow it down to ten since I usually like to note my songs by era, or artist, say; top songs of the 80s or my favorite songs by the Beatles, etc.  This allows one to include all the favs…but for today I want to share the following that have stuck with me (a few since childhood) and continue to make me crank up the stereo when I’m in my car…heard a couple this weekend.

In The Air Tonight  by Phil Collins

One   by U2

Iris   by the Goo Goo Dolls

Shout    by  Tears for Fears

Eleanor Rigby   by  the Beatles

Another Brick in the Wall  –  Pink Floyd

Magic Man    by   Heart

Dream On   by Aerosmith

Crystal  Blue  Persuasion   by Tommy James and the Shondells

Out In The Country   by  Three Dog Night


3 Responses to “My Top Songs”

  1. Lisa Chapman Says:

    I like most of your picks too! My faves in your list: One, Magic Man, Dream On. Good list – I should give it a try myself. I think you’re right it will be tough to narrow it down to ten!



  2. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    One would be on my list, too, Jenn. Great minds!


  3. Every single one of those songs is great! I love Heart…my friend and I were them for Halloween senior year of high school, when we went through an 80s phase. No one knew who we were, but it was still fabulous.

    Check out this group’s take on In the Air Tonight…they’re an acapella group that opened for Michael Buble when I saw him in concert. It’s a more upbeat version, although there is always a special place for Phil Collins’ mysterious, haunting original.

    My boyfriend and I just went through a Tears for Fears mini-obsession–I’m currently loving on Mad World.

    Great taste! 🙂


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