The Best 80s Songs

These are top songs of the 80s for me and the list is completely subjective so let this 80s girl have her peace…hope you enjoy.

I Ran  by  A Flock of Seagulls …Perhaps the best 80s song of all time just for the sheer 80s sound. Oh, and the hair, who could forget the spiked hair in the video.

Relax    by Frankie Goes to Hollywood ….Perhaps the second best 80s song of all time.  Just play it: I dare you not to dance (or at least do one of those 80s style head bobs to the beat!)

Pride, In the Name of Love    by U2…..hands down my favorite group of all time. This song, a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. is timeless …and full of the 80s vibe.

Harden My Heart   by Quarterflash ….What ever happened to them? This lead singer could belt it out, with her voice, as well as on the sax!  I love singing this song.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World   by Tears for Fears ….Since Shout is on my all time top songs list, this one we’ll put on the 80s list.  They are by far one of the best groups of the 80s. This video is great by the way.

Don’t You Forget About Me   by Simple Minds …..the only group to hit this list twice for me.  This song is the theme for the classic 80s movie  the Breakfast Club starring Molly Ringwald as well as other wonderful brat pack actors.  Love this song…and love the movie more!

You Got Lucky   by Tom Petty …..probably should be on an 80s rock list…but I just love, love the groove of this blusey 80s hit from 1982.  1982 people!  High school…dare I reveal my age????????

Rock with You   by Michael Jackson ….One of his best songs ever.  His long note at the end makes it worth it all. Miss the 80s Michael.

Hold Me Now   by the Thompson Twins ….Ah, another of my favorite groups of the 80s. I don’t believe twins were involved, however this song is still one of the best for me. Never stopped loving it.

Alive and Kicking  by Simple Minds ….big hit from their album, Once Upon a Time, which is currently in my CD case for whenever I hit the road.  Remember: 80s girl! (see pic below to jog dead memory cells)

Take on Me   by  Ah Ha ….this is perhaps the best video of the 80s and started an interesting trend in film.  A few years ago when my girls were big Jonas Brothers fans the brothers sang this song during a special on TV. The girls couldn’t believe that I knew the words…then I gave my daughter the album.  She still has it. I love that they love some of my music.

Time    by  Culture Club ….Boy George I think had (and still has I’m sure) one of the best singing voices of the 80s. This song proves it.  I actually won tickets to a concert in Philly back then.  It was pretty cool.

Culture Club

Have an 80s fav to share…leave a comment.


2 Responses to “The Best 80s Songs”

  1. This is a great list – I’m reading them and saying yeah, uh-huh, good one – I like them all too. Everyone likes to beat up on the 80’s songs but I really liked them. I liked “Tainted Love” – remember that one? How about Kajagoogoo’s “Too Shy” – or Berlin’s “Take my breath away” and “The Metro” – good ones.

    One time at work, a bunch of us were sitting around – each one of us was supposed to admit to a song we were embarrassed to admit we like. So I say, every time this song is on the radio I sing it and I looove it – I’m nervous to say but here I go, “Always something there to remind me” and there’s this silence…………then one by one they go “me too – I like that one”. I lucked out I guess. haha.

    My faves from your list: Alive & Kicking, Hold me now, I ran, Relax, Don’t you forget about me, Everybody wants to rule the world.



  2. Hey Lis, Glad you like some of these too. Yes, yes…Tainted Love was great too! I knew I couldn’t get all my favs in on this
    short list! It is so hard. And I remember Always something there… Take my Breath Away, from…yup, the 80s classic film
    Top Gun! So many songs…so little time…Considering an 80s rock list…


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