Day’s Ending by Sara Teasdale

I have to make Sara my poet of the week. In a way unbeknownst to my literary agenda, I came across some of her works and sat with apt fascination and attention.  Finding words that speak to you in way you cannot describe is one thing a writer loves.  The poems I came across dealt with spring, and the month of June–how appropriate. So I hope you enjoy my sharing this week.  Today  is  Day’s Ending by Sara Teasdale.  Enjoy…

It was not long that I lived there
But I became a woman
Under those vehement stars,
For it was there I heard
For the first time my spirit
Forging an iron rule for me,
As though with slow cold hammers
Beating out word by word:

“Only yourself can heal you,
Only yourself can lead you,
The road is heavy going
And ends where no man knows;
Take love when love is given,
But never think to find it
A sure escape from sorrow
Or a complete repose.”

Images: Sara Teasdale circa 1913 (Love this pic!) and
Woman on Road by Fertile Ground Vision Cards

2 Responses to “Day’s Ending by Sara Teasdale”

  1. this is a beautiful poem! I needed to read that. I am glad that you ran across it and posted it. I love your new pic at the top as well,..very beautiful…it has the a semblance of antiquity about it.
    All my pictures, of myself that is, make me look like I have features of women from the late 1930’s-40’s. My sister says so too.
    Have a beautiful day!


  2. Lisa Chapman Says:

    I haven’t read anything by her before – I love the first stanza especially. I also like the featured photographer. Thanks for introducing me to these two – it helps inspire me to create too!

    Love, Lis


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