Rainbows: The Secret History

Myths often associate the rainbow with the dream-time or Golden Age when earth and heaven were in easy communication with one another. Deities, spirits, and mortals might pass back and forth on the rainbow bridge, which was also the axis mundi, or ladder of heaven, or necklace of the Great Mother who ruled the Golden Age. The Pot of Gold at the rainbow’s end was another form of the Celts’ Holy Grail, a womb symbol related to the pots where Mother Moon kept the souls of the dead in her western paradise.

The rainbow’s seven colors represented the seven celestial spheres and the rainbow-hued veils of Maya, the Goddess working behind the veils to manifest the material world in its many-colored complexity.

The rainbow’s selectivity is a common motif. The glowing bridge was a broad way for the chosen, a razor edge for the wicked. The Katha Upanishad said the rainbow bridge to heaven is as difficult to traverse as the edge of a razor.  The Persians said the same of their Kinvad rainbow bridge: “For the just is is nine lance-lengths wide, for the ungodly it is as narrow as the edge of a razor. The Kinvad bridge is at the ‘Center’…the bridge connects earth and heaven is at the center”.  Christian tradition spoke of the same selective bridge of heaven: “Narrow is the way…and few there be that find it.” (Matthew 7:14)

The Japanese said the rainbow is “the road of the gods and the bridge between sky and earth.”

Text source: Encyclopedia of Women’s Myths and Secrets



5 Responses to “Rainbows: The Secret History”

  1. Lisa Chapman Says:

    It’s mentioned in Genesis 9:13-17 – God said it would be a sign of His covenant with his people. I love looking up and seeing them – so beautiful.


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  2. Yes,…. I have read this and I am surprised Serenity Unicorn has not responded to this piece, seeing as rainbows are her calling sign.
    I love, love, love, the second picture in the post. Beautiful!
    I had a new post that I was curious to see what your answer would be since you are a passionate soul as well.
    Thank you for posting on Rainbows…. they are quite magical, even for their scientific proof of existence.


  3. This is beautiful. I heard a story they other day of a friend who’s grandmother passed away, before she died she told her granddaughter to look for rainbows once she was gone and that was her watching over her. The day of the funeral she was giving a speech when she looked up to see the most beautiful rainbow she had ever witnessed. Anyways, I suppose this post made me think of this story. Every time I see a rainbow I am reminded of the all the beauty in the world. So again thank you.


  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, and it made me feel like a child again. I very much enjoyed the magic.


  5. I find it very interesting about the connection of the rainbow to the 7 celestial spheres. Is anyone aware of the correlation of the same color pattern is also the colors in order to our 7 chakras on the humane body.Though it does not surprise me, both are the answers to our spiritual beings & the energy of the universe.Continue to be Blessed !!!!!!!

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