Eclipse exlipses the others…

Ah Bella, decisions, decisions….Two thumbs up from the Wit Continuum teen staff members who went to see this film on the first day. (Some ventured out at midnight, and a few at three a.m. showing….true fans!)  Best scene…the newly born vamps emerging from the lake in super creepy fashion…

And…there was lots of Jacob…a plus for us Wits here since we are Team Jacob.


2 Responses to “Eclipse exlipses the others…”

  1. Lisa Chapman Says:

    I’m glad you thought it was good – I’m supposed to go see it soon with my niece. Have a great 4th!



  2. Lisa Chapman Says:

    Went to see Eclipse with my brother and niece – I really liked it…more action. As we were leaving my niece said (sadly)…only one more.



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