Plinky…something new…

Liking this new idea…  You get a new prompt each week to write about or comment on and can even ship it right over to your blog for a quick post.  Gets your brain thinking too….always looking for something new, that’s me….

With July 4th over there is sort of a “sigh” flowing through the household…this day was always considered the “half the summer is over” point, although it is hardly true. Still, there is that element of a something finished and we have to look to new horizons. Strange how we jet on, hardly enjoying the moments at hand. I may be looking into this too much. I certainly don’t feel the end of anything by a long shot, but the sense of it still flows around me.  Any one know what I mean?

In any case…another long, hot summer vacation day to enjoy today…. iced oolong peach tea anyone?



One Response to “Plinky…something new…”

  1. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    Just checking in, buddy. Summer does seem half finished.

    I haven’t done one damn fun thing (like swimming, for instance).




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