Sun Goddesses Enter Here…

Being that we are just a few degrees short of baking with our 100 degree heat wave here at The Wit, I thought I’d share a few thoughts on the cause of all this bakage, our glorious sun, and share this amazing piece of art by Robin Nash, called Sun Goddess.


Though western iconigraphy usually called the sun male and the moon female, archaic Oriental tradition spoke of a female sun. Japanese ruling clans traced their descent from a supreme Sun Goddess, Omikami Amaterasu.  Japanese tribes in history were ruled by a queen named Himiko, Daughter of the Sun.

The Hindu Great Mother took the form of the sun as the Goddess Aditi, mother of the twelve zodiacs, spirits who would “reveal their light at Doomsday.”  It is said that the sun was the “garment” of the Great Goddess: “The sun, the most glorious symbol in the physical world, is the mayik vesture of Her who is ‘clothed with the sun'”.  The same Goddess, identified with Mary, appeared in the Gospels as the “woman clothed with the sun” (Revelations 12:1).

Tantric Buddism recognized a precusor of the Middle-Eastern Mari, or Mary, as the sun. her monks greeted her at dawn as “the glorious one, the sun of happiness…
I salute you,
O Goddess Marici!
Bless me, and fulfill my desires.
Protect me, O Goddess,
from all the eight fears.”

Happy sun worshiping….peace….

Text reference: The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets.


3 Responses to “Sun Goddesses Enter Here…”

  1. Lisa Chapman Says:

    It’s so incredibly hot here too! I’m trying to enjoy it though…it lasts such a short time. Cool artwork!


  2. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    We’re baking here in Ohio, too. Damn, it’s hot.


  3. Robin Nash: This is a fabulous painting of the Sun Goddess. I shared your art work on my Facebook Page. Melissa 🙂


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