Eclecticist Astrology

Just for fun, inspirations on the astrological currents of celestial whims….See if any ring bells for you.  Peace…

Capricorn – Time for a new read. Consider something different, out of your normal genre.

Aquarius – You tuned into the last season of The Hills just to see Heidi’s new face, and realized that change is not always a good thing.

Pisces – Your future is in your hands.  Now, drop those weeds you’ve been picking and go get a french manicure!

Aries – Ah, the convertible top on your shiny, black sports car is on the fritz.  Pray for no rain.

Taurus – College football season starts in less than 6 weeks.  Keep your chin up.

Gemini – The half moon may be influencing you – or perhaps your undies have ridden up on one side…

Cancer – Ah, summer is in full swing…buy a bathing suit on sale now and have another bowl of ice cream.

Leo – Hair dryers and straighteners only last for about 2 years. Get a new one now before yours quits one morning with half your hair done!

Virgo – That strange dream you had last night may mean something…or not…

Libra – Remember when you take a walk that bird crap on your shoulder (or head) means good luck.

Scorpio – No, you cannot see a rated R movie when you’re 14!

Sagittarius – I see frogs, polar bears, and a jaguar in the future…I don’t know why?  Sheesh.


Any thoughts?

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