The Wings of the Dove deeply flutter….

No mistake, a great literary achievement, though many find this one a “hard” read.  I have to agree, and used a nice printable summary of the story by Michael McGoodwin online that helped tremendously with pure understanding.  That said, once you read a few chapters, you get James’ feel in the writing, even with all his detached reminiscences, added toppings, and sometimes obscure references all attached to one simple sentence.  I found myself starting to simplify the wordage myself, while still absorbing the story and his fine literary line.  If you read this one, do print out that summary. I found myself writing my own outline and thoughts on the chapters, which perhaps I’ll type out into a page sometime.  I have to say, I love Milly, “the world’s richest orphan”, and her dramatic will to live life.



  1. I’ve never read this..but started “Portrait of a Lady” and found I just couldn’t stick with it..too tedious for me and I gave up.



Any thoughts?

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