Sun throughout the day…


BY Octavio Paz

Sun throughout the
Cold throughout the sun
Nobody on the streets
parked cars
Still no snow
but wind wind
A red tree
still burns
in the chilled air
Talking to it I talk to you

I am in a room abandoned by language
you are in another identical room
Or we both are
on a street your glance has depopulated
The world
imperceptibly comes apart
decayed beneath our feet
I am stopped in the middle of this
unwritten line

Doors open and close by themselves
enters and leaves our house
talks to itself talking to you
nameless in the endless corridor
Who knows who is on the other side?
turns and turns in my empty skull
turns to air everything it touches
with air-fingers scatters everything I say
I am the air you don’t see
I can’t open your eyes
I can’t close the door
The air has turned solid

This hour has the shape of a pause
This pause has your shape
You have the shape of a fountain made
not of water but of time
My pieces bob
at the jet’s tip
what I was……am……still am not
My life is weightless
The past thins out
The future……a little water in your eyes

Now you have a bridge-shape
Our room navigates beneath your arches
From your railing we watch us pass
You ripple with wind…more light than body
The sun on the other band
grows upside down
Its roots buried deep in the sky
We could hide ourselves in its foliage
Build a bonfire with its branches
The day is habitable

The cold has immobilized the world
Space is made of glass

Glass made of air

The lightest sounds build
quick sculptures
Echoes multiply and scatter them
Maybe it will snow

The burning tree quivers

surrounded now by night

Talking to it I talk to you

Translated by Eliot Weinberger

Photo sources:

An Empty Street by Michiru Haranda
Empty Room  by Fashistt
Fountain by  Alex Durdan
Burning Tree  by Jean Francois


7 Responses to “Sun throughout the day…”

  1. lovely work.
    very sharp and thoughtful poem!


  2. Lisa Chapman Says:

    Love this post…I haven’t read this poem before, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I love how you put this one together. Cheers my friend!

    Love, Lis


  3. Octavio Paz is a wonderful poet. Glad you liked it.


  4. WOW!! This is a beautiful work and love the images you chose to go with it. I had never read Octavia Paz before. I will have to find a book of this author’s work now.
    Thanks for posting this! VERY Beautiful displays of description! 🙂


  5. p.s. I am keeping the blog, just closing it out to the school. It will reamin on here as mine and yours and Serenity’s and Adam’s and all else who partake of any of the words. 🙂


  6. this is a truly wonderful post.
    Excellent images and poetry


  7. RA, glad to hear you’re keeping the blog up, and I did read and understand your reasons with the school. Best of luck. And thanks for the compliments and the visits. Truly appreciated.
    The Wit Continuum


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