Vampire TV

Ah, the new season of TV is starting soon…

So I like the Vampire Diaries…and I am so looking forward to the show tonight. What can I say?  I didn’t get to see all the episodes because I got sucked into this poor excuse for a show they at ABC called Flashforward, which aired at the same time on Thursday nights which got canceled it was so amazing….But this little CW show has got it going on….a little town, a little soap opera, a little cute girl, and not so little hunky vampires. I’d say it’s still for teens, but at least it doesn’t insult the intelligence as much as New Moon.  Do I really need to explain this?

Here’s to a new fall season….


2 Responses to “Vampire TV”

  1. How did I miss you were a Vampire Diaries fan?! Awesome 😀 Yet another among the many epic reasons I love to follow your blog. Enjoy the finale encore tonight! I will 😉


  2. Sometimes i miss watching tv.


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