A surprising movie that really got to me…

I know this film is on the edge considered a horror film, but the whole idea of this guy, all alone, with only his dog, talking with mannequins he’s set up in stores to give himself the semblance of life with people broke my heart….there is so much more, the “cure” that wiped out humanity, his guilt for having create it, his goal to “fix it”, along with the loss….at the end of this film, zombie-freaks aside, I cried my eyes out.

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2 Responses to “A surprising movie that really got to me…”

  1. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    I loved this film, too, Jenn. It is my favorite Will Smith movie.

    I must say I was not entirely thrilled with the ending though.

    His relationship with his dog and the Bob Marley music really moved me though.




  2. SB, understand your view about the ending…yet, I feel it’s what adds to the profoundness of the film, and of course, makes it all the more unforgettable. It’s my favorite Will Smith movie too.
    “Don’t worry…about a thing….’cause every little thing…is gonna be all right….” Love Bob too!!


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